Prunus spinosa

(Espino Endrino. Black)
1 sadness, indifference, moodiness.
2 Restlessness not allowed to stay in one place, walking back and forth constantly.
3 - () The pains, neuralgic or cramps, is accompanied by a feeling of Design, or explosion or pressure punzazo out front or behind, and take away the breath, smother, in need of fresh air and the feeling of that no air reaches the lungs and the inspiration is incomplete. The pains are worse from touch and jarring,
predominating in the head, eyes, teeth, bladder, etc..
4 - () Worse, from touch and pressure, by motion, for the shocks (must walk with care), and at night. Better-for repose, folded.
5 - () Right side.
6 Tremors throughout the body. Anasarca.
7 - () Vertigo with swings from front to back and vice versa, when walking.
Pressure inside the skull out, as a stopper to push. Sharp pain in right front, jumping like lightning through the brain until you exit the occiput. Pressing pain inside out in the frontal and temporal rights, worse external pressure. Occipital neuralgia.
Stitches in his scalp.
8 - () Neuralgia. Very intense pains in the eyeballs, as if exploded or were crushed, worse at night and moving the eyes, newspaper, or as extended tip inward or backward, like lightning across the brain to occiput; Better by tearing . Acute glaucoma. Iridocoroiditis. Vitreous opacities. Itching on the edge of the eyelids and eye angles.
9 Sense of ears attached. Pressing pain out in the right ear.
Frequent sneezing 10. Pressing pain out in the nasal bones.
Itching and 11 stitches in the cheek bones.
12 - () Violent dental neuralgia, as if plucked teeth, worse from eating hot things, better teeth clenching each other.
Burning pain in 13 languages. Tongue white, with itching and tingling in the tip. Bitter taste.
14 Throat aspera, he has scrapes and tingling that make you cough.
15 are hungry, but satisfied with a bite. Persistent nausea with aversion to food and diarrhea. Fullness, distention and oppression in pigastrio, with dyspnea.
16 - () Pain in the liver. Violent spasmodic colic, preventing it from lying down or walking, bending better. Sharp pains in my womb, that her breath. Ascites with anorexia, oliguria and constipation.
Flatulence presses the bladder, producing cramps and forced to walk her crouch. Pressure or very painful stitches in the right groin, as if to get a hernia, pressing his hands better.
17 Stool hard, knotty, emerging with difficulty. Diarrhea with cramps, heavy, with feces and mucus, with burning as having a rectal injury.
Watery diarrhea, and involuntary fetida night. Hard stool and feces of dogs, with stitching that make it scream. Bubbling like cramp in the rectum, worse sitting. Pressing pain inward, as a body, angular on the right side of the rectum. Anal bleeding after stool.
18 - () cramps and tenesmus of the bladder, burning in the sphincter. Continued desire to urinate, with efforts to produce urethral burning; be bent without being able to urinate, with simultaneous desire to defecate. Sudden compelling desire to urinate, the urine but only reaches the height of the glans, producing violent spasms there and then retreating. Spasmodic retention of urine. Strength has to do long before you pass urine. Jet as a thread or divided. Urine hot, corrosive, low and brown, or blue with white sediment. Excoriating pain in the urethra, worse when touched.
19 flaccidity of the penis and retraction of the foreskin. Itching of the scrotum.
20 Menses early, copious, watery, slightly colored with sacral pain. Metrorrhagia. Flow corrosive stain clothes yellow.
21 Scratch throat feels rough with a tendency to cough. Cough as a feather tickling or tingling in the larynx and trachea. Wheezing cough. Dyspnea with heaviness in the lower chest. Shortness of breath, difficult, anxious and breathless, in pit stops. Pain in the chest as he spoke. Retrosternal pain. Stitch in the left breast when breathing deeply, walking or sitting. Herpes zoster neuralgia during or after.
Intense 22 heartbeats, even at rest, worse for the least effort, with dyspnea, cyanosis, facial and visible carotid pulsations. Cardiac hypertrophy with edema of feet. Heart diseases with feeling of weight on the left shoulder blade.
23 Pressing pain in the neck. Stiffness in back, as if caused by an effort. Stitching between the shoulder blades as you inhale deeply. Pain in sacrum when sitting. Stitches on the right lumbar region extended to the navel, which took her breath, worse lying on his back.
24 Preston on his shoulder and right deltoid, which prevents him from lifting his arm. Pain in axillary nodes. Sense of paralysis or paralytic pain in arms, elbows, wrists and hands. Feeling of dislocation in his right thumb, preventing him from writing, can not hold the pen. Itching in the 5 fingers, as from chilblains, or sleeping in the fingertips.
Pains in the hips, worse before noon and midnight. Das Restlessness in legs constantly change position. Burning in the legs.
Pain as from dislocation in his left ankle. Pain in the first toe joint.
25 sleepy after lunch. Takes to fall asleep at night, or insomnia or wake up very early. Sounds with boils or salty things.
26 Shivering in the evening. Dry heat throughout the body, especially on the genitals. Suda alone in the face while sleeping.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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