Pulsatilla - Homeopathic Remedies

Pulsatilla - Homeopathy

Major indications for Pulsatilla

  • Heaviness of head pain (especially after eating too much, and the anemic).
  • Migraine.
  • Inflammation of the eye (especially as if granite and foreign bodies in eyes with swollen eyelids).
  • Vista cloudy.
  • Oódo Pain, Ringing; flow through the ear, inflammation of the auditory tube.
  • Toothache.
  • Ravaged stomach (especially after fatty foods or after having taken a cold), chronic catarrh of the stomach, stomach convulsions (of opiladas and pregnant women).
  • Vomiting.
  • Colic and stomach cramps (especially of women in film, hysterical and submitted menstruation, colic (often with mucous stools).
  • Retention and urinary disorders (especially women on tape or as a result of colds), bedwetting (children).
  • Lack of menstruation or menstruation insufficient pale.
  • Chlorosis.
  • Insufficient labor pains, ailments of pregnancy and on delivery.
  • Cough, measles.
  • Asthma.
  • Rheumatism.
  • Swelling of the feet.
  • Complaints of swollen veins in the legs (open sores with discharge acre; tumors in the feet).
  • Anemia.

Key features of Pulsatilla

Light-headedness and dizziness, especially when the patient 'is sitting up 6 with internal heat in the head and pale face, dizziness with nausea, headache, and rheumatic especially tight in pulses, or even limited to a side with hammering, especially at night and after bedtime, and increasing the lowered, often due to spoiled stomach.

Noises such as buzzing and crackling in the head, especially when walking, swelling, burning, tightness and stinging, almost always accompanied by high-colored and swelling of the eyelids, especially on the tear, dry eyes and eyelids; granites and agglutination of the eyelids, eyes bleary, cloudy eye which requires rubbing eyes, aversion to light, pain in the ear often convulsive sharp, ringing in the ear, ear hard, flow of pus from the ear swelling auditory tube, toothaches, especially rheumatic, sharp and seizure as if the nerve could be stretched, and then suddenly come loose, which seems sometimes prolonged pain and especially at night or afternoon, and it increases by the heat of room or bed, as well as for meals and drinks, but it relieves the chilly air.

Tongue very thick, dirty white or yellowish with taste bland or bitter mucus, dry mouth without thirst; burps smell and taste of what has been eaten; aversion to food, especially meat, the hot dishes, like milk and snuff, nausea, especially in the afternoon or after eating or drinking, vomiting of mucus, or bitter liquid that has been eaten, especially in the evening and at night or after every meal; pressure and throbbing in the region of the stomach after every meal, do-values ​​of acute abdomen, piercing and seem to want to go down, or noises and flatulence in the stomach, especially after dinner and at night, frequent stools, soft diarrhea with mucus white or greenish liquid, usually during the night, lumps in the anus with scalding pain and excoriation, frequent urination with bladder pressure, urine out drop by drop with pain, and can not go ; urinate without collection of the sick, especially at night, cloudy urine, dark with white deposit; urination mucus or blood.

Delayed menstruation, slow or suppressed with lower abdominal cramping, and prostration menstruation stunning watery, mucus or blackish, white discharge after the rule or instead of it, disappearance or lack of menstruation and lack of appetite, exhaustion, muscle weakness, aversion movement, shortness of breath and heart pounding after any movement, especially after climbing stairs, morning tiredness and who has not slept enough and has need of it, inclined to be cold, lack of body heat, hands and feet are cold, pale, flow thick mucus without pain, false labor pains, vain, weak, but it is no less sensitive, more prolonged pain than usual after delivery; flow suddenly paralyzed after childbirth.

Dry cough and moving around the body, especially in the morning and night, with titillation in the neck and shortness of breath and in an atmosphere of sulfur vapor.

Cough with expectoration very bitter and yellow; accesses night of suffocation, as if the larynx was tight with a rope, cough due to flicker at night in bed as if the stomach is torciese, with efforts of swallowing and vomiting.

Tight joint pain, seizure, stabbing, jumping from one member to another, and walk around the body, soft swelling, swollen veins and feeling like you're deaf, increasing at night and in the heat, swelling of the feet, especially in the ankles and above them with swollen veins and projections; points on the skin very itchy and uncomfortable humidity more when it is standing or sitting.

General symptoms of Pulsatilla

Worsening conditions in the afternoon, at night, in bed, with the heat, sitting or resting, relieving them when the patient sits up in bed, when it's a bit of movement, outdoor exercise, or by pressing the painful part, dominated almost always feel cold and lack of thirst, ailments that are accompanied or caused by the predominance of a venosidad generally weak or suppressed menstruation, is especially suited to women (including those in tape or raising) a natural soft, easygoing, more than anything else flegmático with pale skin, inclined to obesity and genius sad, sad, tearful and distressing.

Dose of Pulsatilla

As in the Nux vomica.

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