Questions about the use of natural fruit juices and vegetables

Questions - juices

How important is consuming juices? Is not it enough with the food we eat?

The normal diet of organic foods provide all the nutrients humans need more fiber, but fruit juices and vegetables help the body noticeably. The main reason is that nutrients from juices take advantage of fast, instant, whereas with normal food can take hours to assimilate nutrients. Moreover, the fiber extracted juice nutrients, while with the normal diet did not.

Does it matter that smoothies drink juice?

To make juice you need a blender for smoothies, blender. A blender just makes liquid food, but the fiber blender separates the juice. Each type of food may have its purpose. For people with digestive problems can be very beneficial to take their food courts. But if we receive nutrients instantly it is best blended juices.

Does it matter to take bottled juices?

Keep in mind that any juice you buy in an establishment is pasteurized (boiled) to be retained better and to meet certain safety standards. This causes the loss of nutrients. In addition many of these are sugar, do not know the origin of ingredients, or quality. However, when we prepare ourselves liquefied juice at home, is a fresh juice, which does not lose anything of nutritional value, and we know what we've thrown in a blender.

Can there be danger in not taking fiber and juices?

No one is fed with juices. Normally the juices are a complement to food. Eating fiber is essential to our health, especially for our colon. So, eat all foods raw vegetables as you can and supplement their diet with juices.

If I take nutritional supplements, you need to drink juice?

No dietary supplement can deliver the same quantity and quality of nutrients that makes it a natural food. But there are more reasons to make juices. By taking the whole food juice, do not separate their vitamins and minerals to each other. By taking these nutrients synergistically are much more effective and assimilated by the body when we take an extra tablet. No one says how much we will assimilate a calcium tablet, for instance, but if we had a vegetable juice can be sure that all the calcium containing those green leaves we will assimilate.

It should also be aware that they are still discovering nutrients from food as the years go by. If only we can supplement that we are deprived of certain nutrients still unknown.

This is not to say that you should not take supplements. For many people, and for many conditions are necessary but are no substitute for the juice.

What I can do with the fiber of a juice smoothie?

Both the juice and the fiber extracted from it can be used when cooking other foods, soups, pastas, sweets, etc. But also be used as fertilizer for your plants or your garden.

I can do a juice in a blender with the seeds and pits of fruits?

If the seeds are small, no problem. The blender the ejected along with fiber. We will have to remove the seeds of apricots, persimmons, peaches, cherries and other fruits like.

I can do a fruit smoothie with your skin or shell?

If it is used are orange, grapefruit or tangerines, it is best to peel them beforehand. Also have to peel mangos and papayas. Lemons and limes do not need peeling.

It should also be aware that if some of these foods are not organic, it is best to remove, for example, the bark of pineapple and melon. In the case of carrots is also best to cut a couple of inches from the apical end of the carrots or other root vegetables because these parts where more pesticides are concentrated

Is there a higher concentration of pesticides in the liquefied natural fruits and vegetables?

Not necessarily. Since these pesticides are concentrated in the skin or surface of the food, if properly washed or peeled eliminate most of these pollutants. Without doubt the best juices are organic foods.

I can drink juice if I am pregnant or breastfeed my baby?

Of course. It is a great way to nourish both mother and baby that is forming in her womb. The juices provide vitamins, minerals and enzymes, no fats or artificial sugars. Sometimes, certain pregnant need to take certain supplements, so they should not be substituted for juices. But juices are an excellent addition. Instead of taking coffee, tea or alcohol, drink juice smoothies.

What are the best juices for summer?

All juices are an excellent source of water, but the juice of cucumber, watermelon and cantaloupe, are very refreshing. The logical thing is to always use seasonal fruit juices according to the season.

What juice should I take with food?

The better the vegetables. Do not forget to "chew" between drinks.

How long I can keep a juice?

It is best not to keep them, but consume immediately. But if you need to save the juice produced in a vacuum flask, but not more than twenty-four hours. The melon and cabbage juice does not keep well. Remember that juices are easily oxidized.

If the juice has been oxidized (brown) remains nutritious?

No, it has oxidized and lost nutrients. Even if more than 24 hours may be even toxic. Therefore, bottled juices should be pasteurized establishments.

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