Home Remedies for Asthma

Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is defined as a respiratory system disorder characterized by severe paroxysms of difficult breathing. Although the causes are many occasions in the past immunoallergic is closely related to our eating habits.

The onset of an asthma attack can be sudden, the person begins to feel uncomfortable, with drowsiness and irritability, until he begins the difficulty of breathing. Breathing becomes difficult and the breath comes with whistles and sometimes wheezing. The general belief is that asthma is a chronic disease that once you are labeled as asthmatic and one face up on the day of his death. But one does not necessarily have to resign as the facts show in the case of many ex-asthmatics.

Home Remedies for Asthma to food

In most cases, asthma is caused by excessive phlegm and the inability of the body to expel them, but if the patient leaves the foods that tend to increase phlegm such as rice and refined flour, sugar, lentils, milk or milk products, find relief quickly. They should eat foods that dissolve phlegm and gradually eliminated, such as green vegetables, fruits, etc.. Unfortunately, under the false premise that asthma is a debilitating disease, many patients are fed diets high in protein as meat, fish, milk and dairy products and fat, that is making your condition worse.

An asthma patient must select foods that help to eliminate the amount of mucus in the bronchi. For breakfast you should eat foods such as orange, tomato, papaya, guava, mango and apple and vegetables like carrots. His dinner and lunch should consist of boiled vegetables.

Asthma, particularly when the attack is severe, tends to remove the patient's appetite. In that case we should not force the patient to eat. Fasting should be performed until the attack is over. All you have to take is a cup of hot water every two hours. Make an enema (enema) at that time is very beneficial. If these home remedies are still the attack will not last more than 36 hours and its virulence, in the case of a relapse, it would be much lower.

Home Remedies for Asthma with enemas

A patient with asthma should be washed two or three bowel (enema) every week until the problem has disappeared. It can be done the evening before dinner. Whenever you do a fast because of a crisis should be re-intestinal wash to clean the colon.

Home Remedies for Asthma with fasting

It is also beneficial every week to have a day of fasting, a single base of fruit juice or vegetable without mixing. You can go back and forth during the day, one fruit and one vegetable. As vegetable juices (blended) are more unpleasant to take can always include a carrot or an apple if you prefer. If you can not fast regularly, do not hesitate to stop eating at the time of asthma attack. Those who suffer from this disease should be careful in their eating habits. Never overeat. The amount of food eaten should be small, so that when the next meal when you are hungry. A salt-free diet would be best.

Home Remedies for Asthma hydrotherapy

If you start an attack, soaking your feet in warm water can relieve anxiety.

In these cases, wrap the trunk (from armpit to English) works wonders. It extends over a hard bed folded wool blanket on it properly and place a towel or cloth wet with cold water and drained. It lies on the canvas is wet and wrapped up in it in the form of strip, and once well set is wrapped in the blanket that is placed below in the form of sheltering belt. At least one hour. The indications of this tree wrap are: If you are cold, respiratory diseases, bronchitis (acute and chronic asthma) pleurisy and pneumonia. Keep in mind that when you do the shell must be the hands and feet warm. If they are not heat them with a hot water bottle, but heated, do not wrap.

You can perform this type of sheaths in the afternoon or just before bedtime. The main purpose of these home remedies (natural treatments) of asthma should be to increase the body's vital force with the help of proper diet, natural life outdoors and, of course, the sun plays an important role.

Also highly recommended is a daily walk, and if it can run even better.

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