Home Remedies for Bronchitis

Remedies for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is the inflammation of upper airways ranging from the throat to the lungs. The inflammation tends to impede the process of breathing due to the accumulation of mucus that tend to stick to the inside of these bronchial tubes.

Home remedies for bronchitis with food

The bronchitis patient should fast for the duration of symptoms. All you have to take is water and orange juice or other fruit. If there is no fever or this is down you start with a fruit diet until the symptoms of bronchitis wane and breathing easier.

Home remedies for bronchitis with hydrotherapy

Another home remedy for bronchitis is to take a hot bath of Epsom salts every night or alternative nights. This will be very beneficial in the acute phase of illness.

A body wrap is to be applied to English armpits every day.

Applications of hot towels (immersion in hot water and drain well in the towel) on the chest are also helpful. When the phlegm from peeling inside the bronchial tubes will feel immediate relief in breathing. After heating pads, is completed by applying a cold rub to react.

WARNING: When making this type of sheaths or hydrotherapy sessions the feet and hands should always be hot. If not, will not be made or apply hot water bottles in hand and foot.

Home remedy for bronchitis poultice

A poultice for bronchitis lungs and all conditions are as follows: Grate an onion and mix with two tablespoons of ground flax seeds in a mortar previously. All this is mixed with some honey and put it to heat. If liquid is strained and a bit thick when hot and placed in a canvas and directly onto the chest of the person (children do very well). Be careful not to burn and produce sores on the skin. When cool poultice is replaced by another.

When noting that the symptoms will be reduced back to a natural diet without refined grains, avoiding cow's milk and all refined flours, because if that is not done, the disease is likely to recur and can become chronicle.

Breathing exercises, cold rubs all over his body (with a towel soaked in cold water and drained) should be performed regularly every day upon waking. A hot bath of Epsom salt should be taken two or three times a week.

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