Home Remedies for Constipation

Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is one of the most common complaints among people. Today unfortunately a large number of people depend on laxatives or purgatives to cleanse your bowels and have normal bowel movements. In fact, most of the sale of remedies or nutritional supplements is to relieve constipation. Here in SaludBio these remedies we have discussed in other articles, however, this time we will give a few suggestions for constipation but you have to spend the money.

Most people with constipation do not understand how your body works. This leads to typical symptoms of constipation such as heaviness and headaches, loss of appetite, insomnia, apathy, etc.. and so on. One thing is clear, any illness or symptom is an indication that there is an imbalance organic, but constipation is the grandmother of all evil.

After the food has been digested and passes into the colon, now comes the time for fluid absorption. If the intestine or the colon loses its tone, that is, if your muscles are weakened or slows, feces tend to adhere to the walls of the colon and, therefore, retention of stool before symptoms occur mentioned. This prolonged retention of stool in time could lead to poisoning of the whole organism.

Purgatives or laxatives are not usually sell a good home remedy for constipation. In fact, such remedies is what causes the colon to become dependent on them and eventually becomes chronic constipation, and increasingly constipated patients need higher doses of purgatives.

Our body is designed with the ability to remove fecal matter after having digested food. But we must take food in its natural form, and here's the main problem. Wheat and rice refine what we remove its husk. Boil the milk and making cheese solidified, ie without its natural moisture. The juice of the sugar cane into sugar refining. Oh, and manipulate our food with spices and condiments, substances that the body does not need at all.

Home Remedies for Constipation

Home Remedies for Constipation with food

Home remedies for constipation should start in the kitchen and not in the bathroom. Eating wheat and rice, without passing through a sieve is best. Eat six vegetables, two fruits, an unrefined carbohydrate and protein ratio is an excellent home remedy for constipation. That would give fiber foods our bodies need and help the muscles lose their tone colon to eliminate feces. If you start with a change in their diet, their fight against constipation has started well.

In case of chronic constipation, eat more cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, spinach and cabbage is a good home remedy. The total consumption of these foods should be a minimum of 250 grams each day. Eat a big salad first course of the season with a pinch of salt and a little lemon juice to make it more palatable is another excellent home remedy for constipation.

Another home remedy for constipation is that breakfast and dinner are fruit. The best are always the season and the less time has passed since its collection better, with more nutrients and be more hydrated. Keep it simple life, remember, the season.

Another home remedy is to take on an empty stomach in the morning a glass of water with a tablespoon of flax seeds previously soaked along with some previously also prunes rehydrated.

Home Remedy for Constipation with exercise

If the bowel muscles lose their tone or strength, stools tend to stick to the inside. But the sluggishness of the bowel can be improved with exercise. A walk in the morning or at night, better jogging will help.

Do not forget, move, movement is life, inactivity is death. In the universe everything moves, from atoms of the colon to the Galaxy where he lives.

Home Remedies for Constipation hydrotherapy

Some people suffer from constipation because they drink too little water or fluids throughout the day. The water intake should be three to four liters in summer and one or two liters in winter. A glass of water in the morning immediately after giving a walk is another home remedy for constipation.

Another way to help the gut to the elimination of fecal matter is hydrotherapy. Take a towel, fold it so that it can absorb water and placed on the abdomen after soaking in cold water and drain. Leave it in your belly for about fifteen minutes. Remember to always warm feet and hands, but do not.

A cold sitz bath is another home remedy for constipation. He sits in a tub or similar leaving legs outward so that the cold water reaches near the navel. Just be wet buttocks, genitals and lower abdomen, keeping the rest of the body suitably warm. If it is "friction sitz bath", you should rub all the time with a sponge or washcloth and cool water, the lower abdomen in a circle, following the direction of stool through the colon (from right to left) . Average length: 10 to 15 minutes.

Another way is through a poultice of clay. Take about a kilo of clay (uncontaminated) and knead with water to make a poultice. Place him from the navel to the pubis. Leave to dry. It can be done before a walk at night, or it can be left in place overnight. When dried leaves, has lost its effect.

Home remedies for constipation bowel enema

Enemas or bowel enemas are essential to restore regularity of bowel movements and clean the colon. Should be applied three times a week for a year to all those with hypoactive bowel problems, irregular or lazy. Irrigator with a two-liter capacity fills with pints of warm water and pressed into the rectum with the cannula retaining water in the colon for as long as possible. Not only will clean your colon, but the mind.

The regularity and constipation

If your colon is lazy get used to moving regularly at least every day. Do not wait until it's he who asks to go to the bathroom. You are who now has to get used to return to normal.

Remember that habit plays an important role. The best option would drink about a pint of water and take a walk for ten to fifteen minutes before you are bound to go to the bathroom but does not need to defecate. This can be done in the morning and at night.

After having taken the habit of going to the bathroom at a specific time in the morning and evening, you will not have to spend more than four or five minutes in the bathroom. At the beginning of treatment may have to be up to fifteen minutes. But watch out for hemorrhoids, not work harder than they should.

Patients suffering from memory loss, constant fatigue, insomnia or poor sleep, incipient gout, asthma, indigestion, headache, lumbago, and general weakness have found these invaluable remedies for their ailments.

Home Remedies for Constipation Free

Have you noticed that all these home remedies that we have mentioned in this article do not cost money? He could have commanded herbs, or homeopathic products homotoxicology essences, magnesium supplements, acidophillus, etc.. and so on. Of these we have already spoken SaludBio, but this time, we have given home remedies cheaper and more effective: food, water, mud, exercise (move), towels, an irrigator and little else. Sure the others are more comfortable, not take away so long, but remember HEALTH COSTS, not money, but time and desire to do things right. Will you be willing?

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