Home Remedies for Warts

Natural Remedies for Warts

This article is going to know some home remedies for warts. First let me say that they are warts.

Wart is defined as skin tags, single or multiple variable size and shape, formed by the hypertrophy of the papillae. Warts are generally harmless, but they tend to be unpleasant.

Classification of warts

A very general classification of the warts would be:

Senile or seborrheic warts: are round the size of a pea, covered with a horny substance and fat coloration ranging from light gray, yellowish gray to dark brown.

These warts usually appear on the back or chest, rarely on the face and in people over 50 years. Some authors consider late as nevi and may serve as introduction to cancer (epithelioma) of skin.

Common warts or hard: tumorcillos grain size of millet or anything more than a pea. They have a hard consistency and are yellowish or grayish. They tend to appear mainly in the hands (fingers) and are often painful.

Or juvenile warts clear: much like the previous ones and are considered a clinical variety of the same condition. They are located in the back of the hands and face. They are numerous.

Causes of warts

Tends to be infectious and have the capacity to spread from one individual to another (heteroinoculación) and multiply in the same person by autoinoculation. Common warts and juvenile produce no espostáneamente disorder and often disappear.

Home Remedies for Warts

Here is a list of some home remedies for warts

  • Fresh juice of aloe vera applied directly to dissolve warts and tone the skin.
  • Smear Vaseline around the wart is a good home remedy for warts
  • Direct application of nitric acid or silver nitrate
  • Another home remedy for warts would be application of placing green papaya thick part on the wart.
  • Apply milk with salt or lemon fig.
  • Another home remedy for warts is to apply a poultice of clay Quinton plasma or sea water.
  • Milkweed a weed that is commonly found in North America, the new milky sap of the leaf or stem is applied directly to warts once a day.
  • Onions are also useful for warts. They are irritating to the skin and activate blood circulation. Warts sometimes disappear when rubbed with cut onions.
  • The Indian herb also shearing is used to remove warts. Dust the bulb of this plant is applied locally on the affected area for best results. This is another good home remedy for warts.
  • Freshly cut pineapple applications in the affected areas several times a day is another home remedy for warts.
  • Raw potatoes are also used in the treatment of warts. A potato should be cut and massage the affected area several times a day. This should be repeated at least two weeks for wart removal. This is also an effective home remedy for warts.
  • Another home remedy for warts is to rub crushed garlic on the wart 2-3 times daily until the wart disappears in 3-4 weeks. You can also crush a clove of garlic. Cover the wart with this pulp. Leave it overnight. The wart will begin to disappear from the first night.

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