Rhus toxicodendron - Homeopathic Remedies

Rhus Toxicodendron - Homeopathy

Major indications for Rhus tox

  • Dizziness, Headache.
  • Rush of blood to the head, apoplexy imminent.
  • Eczema, rashes on the head, ringworm, scabies, herpes of the head.
  • Erysipelas of the head face, (especially vesicles).
  • Eczema, impetigo, dry rash on the face.
  • Measles
  • Rosa Pustules
  • Rheumatism (acute and chronic muscular and articular both)
  • Drop
  • Unable to move, stay and movement resistance (due to rheumatism, wounds, sprains, or stroke.
  • Bone pain
  • Nervous fever, typhoid fever, and petechial war.

Main features of Rhus tox

The head is as drunk, dizziness to fear that fall forward or back, especially when the patient gets out of bed, or in the evening when lying down, with thoughts of dying; movement in the head at every step as of a liquid as if the brain were loose, and plethora heaviness in the head, which causes printing when the head is lowered, as if to jump out the brain and pain, as if to tear the brain and that increases to rotate the view; throbbing headache over his ears, nose and temples, day and night with pain in the teeth, pounding and throbbing in the back of the head, as if there a tumor, swelling of the head, tingling rodent in the skin of the head scaly eruption of the skin dry hair, cold wet with thick crust, which kill the hair and give great night itching, swelling, red and sore, gradually covering the entire face and scalp head with blistering causing a burning pain, shingles rash with scabs in the nose and mouth areas of the skin that exude pus or moisture and peeling; elsewhere hardened, red to white to give great itching , burning and suddenly born in different places, such as measles or pink rash that forms blisters, scabs and escamosidades.

Pains in muscles and joints with redness and swelling in sore spots, more sensitive when resting, and feeling as numb after the movement, clumsy to move them as if they might be found shrunken tendons, stiffness and strength in paralyzed members and especially to move them back after some rest, pain completely tired, as if the flesh and not adhere to the bone, pain of dislocation, paralysis of limbs, general or one side only, with tingling and numbness painful parts, tensions and pressure on the bones as if they tore with an instrument.

Rheumatic fever or convulsive pain in the limbs, with noise in the ear, ear hard, insomnia, restlessness at night, delirium, cramps in the hands (fingers) and feet as if the patient wanted to catch objects in the air, thirst, tongue cracked dry, covered and blackish, yellowish, roseola, pushing or watery diarrhea, mucous or bloody bowel movements and urine involuntary, unconscious, great weakness.

General symptoms of Rhus Toxicodendron

Pains in the limbs and joints, as from exertion and dislocation, tingling and numbness, paralysis, pains and discomforts that are caused by getting wet sweating, worse towards evening and night, and find relief for a moderate movement.

Dose of Rhus Toxicodendron

As in the Arnica.

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