Ring of anemia or cholesterol in iridology

Within the Iridology is very easy to visualize this circle. This ring is manifested in the periphery of the iris, but as a whole within the iris, showing a little skin area. We must not confuse it with the arcus which talk later. Their presence indicates the amount of problems toxemic, mineralizing and circulation.

This ring of cholesterol or sodium is in fact a deposit of lipids (fats) in the back of the cornea. This means that you would normally be related to high blood cholesterol, although it has not shown that this ring is formed from cholesterol. Other authors relate their presence with a tendency to hypertension due to excess sodium in the blood for routine feeding combination of saturated fats and animal. On the other hand reveals a lack of potassium, abundant in all skin and cuticles of foods.

So we will alert his presence to poor peripheral circulation and blood, and to a fat metabolism wrong with the possibility of hypertension. It seems anyway that time following a health system as natural as possible this ring is regressive.

Iridology circulatory Ring
This sign appears as a bluish-purple bow on the lateral edge of zone 7, or area outside of this area. Indicates that the venous circulation is impaired. It's a sign of conditions conducive to the development of varicose veins due to poor return of blood through the veins, which, when combined with dysfunction of small control valves, causes a relaxation of the thin walls of the veins in question .

Once again we notice as Iridology helps us prevent disease states just throw us out eyes.

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