Ring scaly or crusty edge in Iridology

Ring scaly or crusty edge in Iridology
Squamous ring is a circular area which begins in the darkened area of skin (7th zone) and extends to the pupil. The darkening depends on the amount of toxins and drugs that are in the body. A ring does not always form a squamous complete ring around the periphery of the iris, but when he arrives to join, the more width is more indicative is the poisoning of the body.

The presence of scaly ring or edge of crust indicates hypoactivity in the tissues involved, mainly the skin and circulatory systems. This indicates that the patient's body is full of toxic wastes, especially the small and often also the lungs. The ring indicates that retention of toxins due to poor elimination through the skin.

The reason for the presence of this ring in the area of the skin is related to poor nutrition and, above all, do not expose our skin to sun and air so that the clothes we wear, sometimes tight and synthetic prevents proper transpiration through the skin and proper disposal of many wastes accumulated.

We must always be ready to observe that sectors of the iris ring widens flaky. For example, when the ring is very wide squamous in the area of the lungs, indicating that the skin is not completely eliminating, and lungs were overloaded with toxic substances, due to the efforts made by the body to eliminate them. If the skin does not eliminate it, the other bodies of these wastes are loaded and then appear behind grains and rashes and even psoriasis. In all these cases should be treated the individual as a whole, not locally. The proper vegetarian diet, skin brushing vigorously dry in the morning and hydrotherapy with exercise, are key to restoring health in these cases.

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