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What is SaludBio (Bio-Health), and why has this page been created?

SaludBio (Bio-Health) is a doorway to health with the objective, as the very name suggests, of supplying health-related information, information on natural medicine and alternative therapies for maintaining or recuperating health and information on improving the quality of life using biological techniques free from contamination or from undesirable side effects.

Thanks to modern technology (Internet) SaludBio wishes to take advantage of the opportunity to inpart meticulous information on health topics according to the great public demand that exists in the present-day society.

For SaludBio information is every citizen's right; Information that, unfortunately, the public at large have been distanced from. This could be due to people's own lack of interest or could be owed to the fact that those in power, for example medical organizations or educational centers have not been interested enough to divulge such knowledge. This means that those who have the right to information on natural medicine and health are a privileged few.

SaludBio is against the expression: “I am your doctor, follow this treatment because I am the one that has studied medicine.” We prefer the aforementioned: ”The person in charge of your health is you, I am going to give you the necessary information in order for you to recover.”

What difference is there between SaludBio and other websites on natural medicine?

There are thousands of pages that exist on the net regarding health topics. Each has its own orientation and purpose. SaludBio does not want to look like the rest, but as our page has recently been created ( October 2008 ) we want to learn from the experience of other websites on natural medicine so that we can incorporate and we will incorporate techniques of other websites.

As to the contents of the articles on the SaludBio web page, we can say that it is the result of investigations that have been carried out for over 17 years on natural medicine or biological science that is beneficial for our health. This information has also been based on the investigations of dozens if not hundreds of people, for example investigators and scientists that during centuries have studied topics related to health and their relation to human beings.

We could say that our website is an eclectic natural medicine page, taken from the understanding of eclecticism that refers to the philosophy that tries to reconcile the doctrines that seem better than the rest or more credible, although coming from various avenues. So if SaludBio understands that iridology, as an example, is a useful science for learning about an individual's state of health, we will talk about iridology. If osteopathy is another science or useful treatment because of it's capacity of readjusting and helping people feel better, we will talk about osteopathy. However, you will see in your daily life that there are no iridology osteopaths. So we asked "why not?" If iridology or osteopathy give the same results, helping people to know themselves better and to improve their quality of life, why not help ourselves mutually.

We can say the same thing about nutrition, homeopathy, homotoxicology, fitotherapy, hydrotherapy, geotherapy, hyperthermia Indiba, hydrotherapy of the colon, massage, ortomolecular nutrition, aromatherapy, geobiology, psychology, psychosomatics, etc. What we desire is to take all of the good things from these different biological techniques that have been scientifically demonstrated by well-known worldwide investigators and although they come from different sources, to join and combine them in order to improve our quality of life.

The popular proverb is "unity is strength".If balanced biological nutrition already in itself is a great treatment, then imagine linking that to the use of medicinal, homotoxicology plants, colonic irrigation, to osteopathy, etc., Etc.!

On the other hand, in line with the definition of eclecticism, we do not want to go to extremes. SaludBio stays away from whatever borders on what's esoteric in all of it's different forms. Not only that, we observe that there are excellent internet pages that provide information on nutrition, treatments or remedies but then they mix it with what is esoteric or even spiritism. Considering that, they do no favor to those natural medicine pages since due to such an arbitrary mixture, many have unfortunately come to associate alternative therapies with magic, quackery and pseudoscience. SaludBio fights against all of that and wishes to give natural medicine the place that it should be credited with, within medical science. However, we also understand that it is very difficult to identify the line that separates science from quackery.

Is SaludBio a natural medicine surgery?

Absolutely not. As our article 'Treatment of diseases with natural medicine' says, each person is a universe and needs to be treated individually. The only thing that we wish to do is to share information that has been guaranteed by highly qualified professionals and that can serve as some form of orientation in a given moment. It is also our aim to give an understanding of the reason why one has been given a certain type of medicinal plant, nutritious supplement, etc or what types of treatment can be useful for certain health problems. The information that is offered on treatments for diseases gives advice based on what a lot of different people have found useful over the years, but that doesn't necessarily have to work for everyone. We are not robots.

We consider that one of the most important rights that everybody has in addition to health, is information. Each person then takes responsibility for how to use the information that he has a right to. SaludBio does not accept responsibity for the abuse of the information from this website. We encourage all our visitors that if they have a health problem to visit their health science educator, naturopath, homeopath, doctor, or health-care professional that they have confidence in.

What is natural medicine according to SaludBio?

It is the method for prevention and for curing that we sincerely believe everyone should follow to maintain or to regain their health. As seen from our articles we do not pretend to be dogmatic. We don't reject what is scientifically well-known, but we consider that when we have health problems before using the chemical allopathic medicine, we should consider whether nature has the remedy. We strongly believe that it has, that nature has a remedy, as the title from one of the books of Bernard Jensen states and that "you can be your own little Doctor" as A. Vogel would say. What we lack is health education.

Is SaludBio against chemical or allopathic medicine?

Not necessarily. We are not those that fight against the use of medication or chemical medicine. There have already been many battles and intransigence in the world. We simply believe that each type of medicine has it's place, chemical medicine has it's own just as natural medicine does. How can we deny the effectiveness of surgical intervention when a person's life is at stake! How can we deny what an X-ray, a scan or another test can do, the fact that they allow us to have such an exact diagnosis! You are the one that should decide. When you have a headache and a bit of fever and wish to take an analgesic in order not to interrupt your daily routine; thats your decison. We don't share that view because we don't believe that it's the best for you, but we respect it.

We will always defend that natural medicine should be, without any doubt, the first thing used for a health problem or for prevention of diseases. In the majority of cases nature has the remedy and nothing else is needed. However, there will be situations ( accidents, trauma, genetic disorders, etc.) in which chemical medicine has it's place. Unfortunately however, we have increasingly observed the contrary, first people try chemical allopathic medicine and when they see that it hasn't worked for them, are against or get sick of their side effects or their aggressive treatments, look to natural medicine as the solution to their problems. We will always defend the use natural medicine with all it's different treatments as the first and best treatment for our health, and will leave chemical medicine for when we have an accident or when we don't have another alternative. To sum up what we mean: Chemical medicine should be the alternative medicine.

Who are creators or administrators of saludbio?

The creators of this page are Pablo Lastras Palomo and Javier Alfaro Saez. Both reside in towns within the province of Murcia ( Spain ) and both come from very different career paths. However, once again, eclecticism produces excellent results. We also have the special collaboration of Yolanda Santiuste Blázquez - a biologist and educator. If you wish to know more about us, click on our names to see our curriculum vitaes.

With the desire to impart information on natural medicine throughout the world, SaludBio has undertaken the task of translating it's articles into english with the collaboration of Laura Jivanandham and Melissa Graham. It is also being translated into Japanese with the help of Shoichi.

What is the structure of SaludBio?

Our website is very simple. We decided to create a kind of web blog. On the homepage the new articles that we publish appear so that the last ten published articles are always visible. Next, the main sections or categories in which SaludBio is divided into can be seen. Within these sections are the articles that have been written, arranged in alphabetical order according to the first letter of the title of each article. We have tried to create easily identifiable sub-categories within these sections ( for example in the Therapy section ).

 On the other hand, we have structured it so that those who desire, can make a comment on each article, a bit like a forum in that those who register can make their comments, questions or express their doubts.

 We have recently incorporated articles on natural cosmetic products and nutritional supplements or high quality dietetic products certified for all those that desire information on such things. We have tried to talk about prestigious brands in order that our visitors have total certainty and confidence that what they buy is the best.

What relation does SaludBio have with it's visitors?

You are what is most important for us. Without Internet users, what would the websites be! Our wish is that you are the authentic main characters of this page. We initiated this project, laid the groundwork, but we want you to be the ones that build on it. Your comments, your questions, your consultations, your answers, what has helped you treat a particular health problem, the treatment you used, your good or bad experiences, whatever thing you wish to comment on which you believe that somehow, although minimal, may enrich this page, we will receive it with pleasure. What is more, we wait for it with eagerness.

 Our forum is already open and you can participate. As you will see little by little our friends are already using it. Equallywe want you to enrich the different articles published with your comments. Of course, we reserve the right of supervising those comments, since all that is created that goes beyond the principles that SaludBio bases itself on, will not be published.

 Therefore, we encourage you to sign up and participate.

 Many people write e-mails to us expressing their worries and doubts; If you desire you can write to us by means of the forum, but anyway if you wish to write on a more private level, something that we understand due to different situations that you are presented with, we will answer you provided that it is possible.

 Can I collaborate with SaludBio in a special way?

YES. If you are a health-care professional or student of natural medicine topics, homeopathy, etc and you have any information that you would like to share with others, we are willing to analyze it with great pleasure and if we see that it fits in with the principles of SaludBio, we will publish it.

 Right now on our website there are already professionals that have shown the desire to cooperate with us. For example all the beauty products and cosmetics are from Mahnaz Paymani, a biologist who is a specialist in natural cosmetics. When we explained our project to her, she at once said yes to working with us. The osteopathy information that we have placed on the website belongs to Miguel Angel Zaplana, a friend and osteopath, that also wanted to contribute part of his knowledge regarding this treatment with you. Others prefer to be anonymous; We respect them, and we thank them for their collaboration.

 If you wish to collaborate with us in a special way please email palaspa@gmail.com or contact our website.

 Does SaludBio fight against anything?

YES. Our biggest enemy and one that we will keep on fighting against is that of IGNORANCE. Without a doubt, it is one of the most dangerous enemies. Our website tries to defend the right to information and freedom of speech as a means of using opinions, ideas or experiences tried and tested with the aim of maintaining and recuperating our health.

We are against the corporatism defined as “in a group or professional sector, an abusive tendency to the internal solidarity and to the defense of the interests of the body.”

We are against esoterism, occultism and the pseudoscience that tries to use natural medicine as the basis of their treatments.

Who finances SaludBio?

Nobody. As we have already explained, our website just tries to impart useful information on natural medicine and alternative therapies. The website's expenses and it's maintenance are covered by the small income recieved from advertising. Each of the creators of this website have their own professional work to which they dedicate the greater part of their time .