Sepia - Homeopathic Remedies

Sepia - Homeopathy

Main indications of Sepia

  • Headache (with rush of blood in women also on tape).
  • Migraine.
  • Drop head (with convulsive movement of the head forward or backward.
  • Pain in the face.
  • Colds and stomach cramps. Vomiting (especially in women also on tape).
  • Liver disease. Plethora belly, belly loose, hanging, hard, bulging belly (also in women who are mothers).
  • Abdomen hard, constipated. Ailments hemorrhoidal piles.
  • Ailments of menstruation. White discharge. Abortion. Fall of the matrix or the clitoris.

Key features of Sepia

Stunning head and sudden dizziness when walking outdoors, writing or rising early, violent hits can headache nausea and vomiting, shaking his head, especially in the morning, rising, or only on one side as if the outbreak of the head, especially at night after lying down or lowered, throbbing headache, sharp hammering, with great flow of blood to the head, convulsive pain in it, in the face, the bones of the face dark yellow loose spots in the face, nose or cheeks, difficulty opening the lids and obscured view.

Great greed or aversion to food, after eating, acidity in the mouth, belching, burning and grittiness in the neck, throbbing in the stomach region, hiccups, heartburn, high heat, pounding heartbeat, nausea and vomiting, head, stomach, the stomach and belly are swollen, sore emptiness in the stomach, heaviness and tightness in the belly is hard and bulky as if to burst, severe belly pain or burning, especially in the movements or night with great desire to evacuate, throbbing and aching in the region of the liver, bowel movements without result, or too slow, with dung into balls, with mucus or blood; fall bowel itchy and burning of urine trouble rough burning pain in the urethra early periods, insufficient or suppressed; excretion of mucus or yellowish liquid, reddish-green, pus, fetid clitoral itching, excoriation and eczema.

General symptoms of Sepia

Decrease the pain of heavy exercise, and worse with rest, afternoon and night, ailments of the lower abdomen constipation, pregnancy, a result of suppressed perspiration of the feet, the suppression of menstruation at the age critical of the venous circulation irregularities, brown or yellow spots or liver color the skin, or annular skin abrasions, especially on the face, chest or stomach area, especially in people of genius irritable and easily excitable, inclined to sadness, anguish and concern for their health, weeping, heartbroken even weary of life, irritable and moody misanthropic with weakness of memory.

Dose of Sepia

As in the Calcarea carb.

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