Shoots or sprouts: Properties

Properties of the sprouts

It is difficult to find a food that complies with the following characteristics: plant, raw, high nutritional value, without waste, you do not need the sun or soil where being planted, which matures in less than a week to rival meat protein and vitamin C. tomatoes But there: sprouts or shoots.

Although shoots or sprouts are known since antiquity, has been in recent years that have been recognized in the Western world and its nutritional values ​​as a means of supplementing the diet so refined that used today.

In the West, until recently, we heard talk of the shoots when we went to a Chinese restaurant. Fortunately we know its properties and benefits of a much more widespread.

Benefits of shoots or sprouts

  • Grown in a simple and fast
  • They are the most nutritious foods
  • Sprouts are high-energy foods as they are alive and chemically active
  • Its concentration of enzymes helps to regenerate the blood and digestive processes
  • Its nutritional value is very high, on average the fourth day of germination
  • Proteins containing amino acids broken down into easily digestible
  • Sprouts are rich in chlorophyll, hormones and enzymes
  • The buds are light but satisfying
  • Sprouts are very low in calories, great for losing weight, but not health
  • Outbreaks are less mucus other seeds as its starch has become natural sugar
  • They are excellent sources of vitamins A, B, C and E
  • The outbreak wheat increases 300% vitamin E and some of the components of the B complex group increased from 20 to 600%
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture cited as an example the outbreak of the nutritional value of mung beans and assured that contains: vitamin A of a lemon, avocado thiamine, niacin of a banana, riboflavin of a dry apple, and ascorbic acid pineapple
  • Because of its high content of vitamin E improve human fertility
  • Outbreaks have anticancer factors.

How to germinate seeds

It takes a container which can be easily drained water. You can use a wide mouth jar with a cloth or burlap putting in the mouth and secured with an elastic. Can also use a sieve.

After washing the seeds are placed two or four spoons in the container. You have to leave enough space as it is multiplied by six to eight times its size. Three tablespoons of seed fill a jar of a kilo.

They are covered with warm water and allowed to soak overnight in a dark and hot. Depending on the size of the seed needs more or less time, but on average 8 hours a night is enough. In summer you need less soaking time in winter.

The school is taking away the night soaking water. It clarifies two or three times with clean water, the dried and put them back in a dark and warm.

They should be clear and drain well at least twice a day. If you have to shell out not to remove spoil to outbreaks. If too dry wrinkle. If they are too wet will rot.

To expedite the process must always be in a dark place, but is beneficial occasionally to let the light to return to take their green color and be enriched with more chlorophyll.

Sprouts can be eaten when they have reached between half an inch to six inches.

You can freeze almost anything without losing its nutritional value, but the sooner the better to eat you.

What are the best seeds to germinate?

Among the best seeds that can sprout are alfalfa, buckwheat, rice, oats, pumpkin, barley, rye, fenugreek, nuts, sunflower, peas, mung beans, lentils, corn, horseradish, sesame, soy, wheat , etc.

The care must be taken to outbreaks

  • If using water with excess chlorine can prevent the seeds sprout. You can boil water and then used it to cool.
  • You can also use reverse osmosis water or distilled water.
  • Use seeds of biological origin. The bad seeds give bad results.
  • Be sure to rinse twice a day.
  • Handle carefully as it can damage or break the shoots.
  • In summer if too hot will dry up and die. In winter if they get too cold will not germinate.

How to use the buds or sprouts

  • The can be added to salads as an extra intake of vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes.
  • Although the best way to benefit from its properties is in oil can also steam for a short amount of time.
  • Can add to the soup just before boiling, or even turn off the heat when the soup, you can toss in the soup.
  • If the skip will do so only with other vegetables.
  • You can include them in sandwiches, puddings, etc..
  • The wheat sprouts can add to a home-baked bread.
  • You can mix them with brown rice, onions, etc..

The care of the buds or sprouts is very simple and requires very little time every day. If we add the health benefits and your family, such outbreaks are top foods to which we must give consideration common in our daily diet.

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