Signs reflections in the iris. Iridology

Signs reflections in the iris. Iridology

Signs reflections in the iris. Iridology

The signs in the iris reflexes are just fibers of the iris stroma that are in "acute stage" and that, therefore, are colored lighter than the base color of the iris and therefore easily recognizable in all iris .

These signs have a nervous origin and are associated with an excess of autonomic nervous system function. So they represent a change in the role of overactivity of the bodies where such fibers are located.

Some authors have classified them according to quantity and deviation from the industry they belong to:

Hair in Iridology: Bunch of clear and wavy fibers that follow the same path adjacent fibers, but they call attention as opposed to adjacent fibers. Not necessarily must conclude that seeing this sign iridologist and is a pathology. But if in the same area we see other signs such as spots, beginning or end of nerve rings, etc, it will make us think of a clear predisposition to get sick if you have not already done so.

Iridology silver thread:
This is a fine glass fiber or white or bright light, which is clearly distinct from the others, but always maintains the radial property of the fibers of the iris. Points to an irritation in the organ where it is situated.

Aberrant radial iridology: colored fiber that leaves the usual path to finish in a field adjacent. The radio is associated with aberrant signs of accession. They are different diseases that can be identified when a study of the iris you see this sign, you have to be cautious.

Iridology transverse signals
: white fibers are completely lose their radial and crossed for the rest of the fibers in the same sector, or even penetrating into other sectors of the iris. They are the worst prognosis. Many Seasoned iridologists the trend associated with carcinogenic as a sign of spread of the disease to other organs.

As always, the more signs we see in the same sector accompanied the worse the prognosis. That is, if we see a crypt with a dark spot of melanin and accompanied by an aberrant fiber cross-sectional, we can be pretty sure that there is chronic or degenerative process. Of course, in a case like this, if you also have symptoms associated with the organ of the sector in which we see these signs in the iris, the professional would be to send that person to immediate clinical checkups to make sure what is the diagnosis.

Photo above
In this case we could see different reflections of the iris signs. Although photography is not the best quality but can be distinguished very white fibers indicate the state of hyperactivity of the above area.

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