Silicea - Homeopathic Remedies

Silicea - Homeopathy

Main indications of Silicea

  • Confused head, vertigo, and daily, and periodically, headache (especially after mental work).
  • Migraine.
  • Dyspepsia.
  • Heartburn, burning in the neck, chronic catarrh of the stomach.
  • Inflammation and suppuration of the nipples, abscesses and boils, lumps in the breasts.
  • Rickets and scrofulous diseases (swelling of glands and abscesses, boils, tumors, flow through the ear, gangrene, fistula, panarizos, swelling of the bones, swollen joints, lameness voluntary swollen knees). Swelling of the knees, tumors in the feet.

Key Features of Silica

Head confused, fatigue from mental work, vertigo usually in the morning and looking up, or in the evening and go in a carriage; vertigo that comes from the back, passing through the neck, up to the head, pain of the head from the neck to the atlas, which prevents sleep, heaviness of the head seems to explode on the forehead, afternoon, tension and pressure in the head that threatens to burst, headache often on one side, with stinging and bones of the face, beat with great heat and rush of blood to the head, the brain seems to resonate with every sway and stepping on land, in the head seems to spin and spin around as if everything have life, ailments of the head which is relieved by heat.

Loss of appetite, bitter taste in the mouth, especially in the morning; voracity with lack of appetite, aversion to all foods, especially cooked and hot dishes along with appetite for cold dishes, meat and disgust difficulty digest; strange and harmful lusts after eating, sleep, sore throat acidity in the mouth, eructations, fullness of the belly, press the stomach worms and vomiting, stomach area is sore when pressed, the belly is as crowded, hot, lay or stretch drive.

Frequent sneezing, stuffy nose hard with mucus, chronic, scaling, tumors in the nose and itchy red tip, and pain in his bones, constipation perennial with a stuffy nose, bleeding from the nose, lack of smell, disruption of breathing when the patient is lying on his back, when you download, run or cough, while walking quickly suffocates and neck seems tight as a rope, coughing, especially when cold drink or talk, cough moving around the body, especially at night, with titillations in the little hole in the neck, threatening to drown the patient coughing up blood or pus, or abraded nipples dripping with pus gift hardened breast glands.

Painless swelling of glands, circumscribed tumors or boils under the skin, meat, joints, tendons and bones, the parties, both hard and soft, pustules and boils, swelling and bone distillation of pus, tumors or erectile fistulous, swelling in the patella and paste the entire knee, feet, fetid sweat escoriador of the feet, stiffness, inflexibility and weakness of the joints, awkward gait (children who are slow to learn to ride .)

General symptoms characteristic of Silica

Discrásico underdevelopment and infant body, and is manifested especially in diseases of bone, tumor formation, distillation of pus, swelling, and fistula; great weakness and tiredness during the storm, strong waves of blood thirsty after drinking little wine, relief of nearly all signals from the heat, and worsening by the cold, night and when the weather changes, very easily in cold.

Doses of Silica

Course most of morbidities that adapt to the treatment of Silicea, are rooted in a constitution discrásica, and therefore are chronic, the better the success of the remedy if applied in doses with infrequent interruptions from time to time and continuing so long time.

It also deserves the finest care and feeding diet should not only rigorously proscribed spices, alcohol and drug substances, but should take care that the patient, more so if scrofulous or rachitic child, receive a nutritious but easy to digest, avoiding and farinaceous dishes that fill too.

At the same time you have to monitor that the patient is healthy room air and pure movement and appropriate exercise, and careful cleaning of the skin.

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