Stramonium - Homeopathic Remedies

Stramonium - Homeopathy

Main indications of Stramonium

  • Dizziness, head numb
  • Hydrophobia.
  • Belching and hiccups seizure.
  • Convulsions (especially in hysterical women and children); catalepsy. Epilepsy.
  • Dance of St. Victor.
  • Mania, madness, delirium tremens, nervous fever, rabies.

Main features of Stramonium

Vertigo with staggering, headache with obscuration of sight convulsive movements, especially back of head with eyes still bright, face contorted, dilated and unresponsive, teeth gnash and esophagus is contracted convulsively, often with violent thirst aversion to water and other liquids, inability to swallow due to the dryness of the throat, belching and hiccups strong, invincible and persistent, with great distress in the stomach region and breathing difficult.

Periodic convulsions and certain muscles or members or groups of muscles, especially the contact or look at bright objects, whole body stiffness and buckling of it back, trembling of limbs or excessive mobility, continuous and uncertain, staggering gait , insecure, uncertain, and precipitated as dummy melancholy excitement caused by trifles easy and insignificant things, unable to comfort and reassure the patient, hallucinations, delusions, often with terrors, laughter alternating with tears and loud cries crying, gestures sad continuously alternate with other ridiculous; verbosity and desire to be in partnership, light, clarity and sun indomitable desire anger hitting, hitting, kicking, kicking and biting.

Dose of Stramonium

As in Belladonna.

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