Sulphur - Homeopathic Remedies

Sulphur - Homeopathy

Main indications of Sulphur

• Rash with great itching (scabies, measles, herpes, abrasions, scabs on the head).
• Swelling of the glands and abscesses (especially in scrofulous and rachitic children). Tumors (especially in the feet of varicose).
• Sweating of the feet.
• Aches and pains in the joints.
• Constipated rebel Oceana.
• Lids on. Flow through the ear.
• Congestion of blood to the head, dizziness, (cerebral congestion, dropsy brain especially in children)
• Chronic conditions of digestion
• Flatuosidades, rumbling, chronic catarrh of the stomach; plethora belly, hypochondria, hemorrhoids, hemorrhoidal conditions.
• Chronic catarrh of the respiratory tract, shortness of breath (also in the course of the disease may have pulmonary inflammation or intercostal).
• Asthma, exhudaciones in the chest cavity.
• Epilepsy.

Key Features of Sulphur

Itchy skin, worse at night in bed, rashes and itchy vesicles excrete a watery and pungent and bleed easily when scratched, scaly rash that itches under the hair, makes them fall and distilled Moisture: dry, rough, ready to open, swelling of the glands, especially in the neck and neck red and painful or hard to reach the discharge; tumors forming holes and surrounded by grains, or high and hard edges, circle or red swollen veins bluish skin around the swollen and hard, fetid sweat certain body parts, also sour sweat, foot sweat even when they are cold, heat and unbearable back together on a large dry skin, purple or scarlet red skin with great ardor the entire surface of the body, extreme sensitivity to cold air, tumors hard and knotty joints, especially the toes and hands, red nose, burning , swollen and covered with escamosidades or watery discharge, itching of the edges of the eyelids, oozing eyes, ear flow.

Dizziness, heaviness and pressure in the head, especially in the mornings and evenings, or after eating or when rising from his seat; newspaper pain in the head, piercing pain, terebrante, stabbing one side of the head crush blood to the brain, noises, buzzing and tingling inside, weakness and numbness in the head, tongue rough, dry, cracked or covered with mucus rough, sticky and dark in color, as in the teeth, bad mouth odor by the morning and after eating, acidity in the mouth, burning throat dry, greed, continuous heat and thirst in the mouth, plethora and pressure in the stomach in the region of the kidneys and in the lower abdomen after eating and at night, discomfort after eating dairy, meat and farinaceous dishes; rumbling in the bowels with flatulence and flatuosidades, hard stomach with persistent lack of evacuation constant need for evacuation, with hard stools and insufficient wet and bloody lumps in the anus; urine is covered with a pellicle of fat, urinate on the bed unconscious.

Deep, rough voice, accompanied by hoarseness and a lot of mucus in the chest, lack of voice, dry cough and painful, especially when getting up and going to bed, and after eating, from titillations in the neck and larynx: a weak chest, wheezing and short, especially in the outdoors or after talking and after the slightest effort, anxious breathing and whistling with cough suppressed and fits of suffocation at night and when lying.

Attacks of convulsions, with cries and stunning end, especially at night, or preceded by tensions in all members and the back (as if he were running a mouse in the back) in spurts loose limbs when sitting or cast, convulsive movements of the muscles.
Many diseases are manifested only when the body is at rest, and disappear when you move the party or walking; ailments that occur or increase at night, with the patient standing ailments feels more strongly, such pain is diminished by heat and increases from cold, uncomfortable extreme sensitivity to cold air and wind chill with ease, pain manifested in the changes of time, reluctance to wash.

General symptoms of Sulphur

Sulfur is primarily the main remedy in most skin conditions, especially when presented with great itching in the heat of the bed, and all those diseases that owe their origin to eruptions of the skin before its removal or slow by external remedies and drying, then, especially in children whose bodily development is incomplete or unhealthy, either because of a power problem, and careless cleaning of the skin, and by inheritance from parents sickly, cachectic or have by direct infection of morbid materials (eg by the vaccine, taken from sick children); to result in scrofulous children, herpes, rickety, psoric and syphilitic, whose skin shows a high affinity and penchant for rash (abrasions, measles, herpes , tumors, boils, boils, tumors in the fingers, erysipelas inflammation cough, warts), children learn to walk late and that look thin and weak, they usually have a big head and small face the face of old man .

Also when you have as a result of heavy drug abuse, such as mercury, quinine, iron, chamomile, it is often advantageous application of sulfur.

Doses of Sulphur

Sulfur dose usually requires infrequent and small as 2 to 3 globules each week or every 2 or 3 weeks with prolonged interruptions, especially when it comes to totally change the constitution of the patient, as in scrofulous children, and discrásicos psoric.

Only a few isolated cases and acute, such as inflammation of the lung or the pleura agree more frequent doses (every 3 or 4 hours).

It is also sometimes helpful to give a single dose of sulfur as an intermediate, without stopping in the isolated symptoms or loose, as long as other remedies, despite its prudent choice, either no effect or insufficient, therefore the body where the patient seems lack the necessary sensitivity and reaction to medications administered. With regard to the diet should be observed that in the calcium salts.

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