Sun Homeopathy

(Lactose exposed to concentrated solar)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of SOL
1 Great excitement and anxiety, especially in the epigastric hollow. Very sensitive and scary, especially if someone comes close.
2 - () Especially useful for the purposes of exhibition, usually long, the sun, and also for its prevention, especially in cases of sunstroke, fainting, prostration, sneezing, freckles, etc.. Sunstroke with violent headaches, nausea, with sensation of gastric emptying, high anxiety,
feeling that stick out from the eyes of the orbits and great prostration.
3 - Seizures or spasms that occur with sunrise and stop at sunset.
4 - () Violent headache from the vertex to the front, or head, with the feeling that the front to flatten out over the eyes, with sensation of heat in the face. Intense headaches head direct exposure to sunlight (see 2). Hemicrania left. Sensation as if floating or rolling head after a mental excitement or write a letter or attend to their occupations. Burning sensation in the crown. Excessive sweating head and neck.
Decreased vision 5 by sunlight. Sclerae injected.
Sensation of swelling in his eyes, as if they were pushed out.
6 Sharp pain left ear to the nose. Hearing loss.
7 Sneezing with some sore throat, as if he were cold.
8 Heat in the face (with headaches). Hard jaws, and trismus.
9 Grinding of teeth. You can not utter a word, or does so with difficulty.
Vomiting 10. Heat in the epigastrium. Empty feeling, faintness or fainting in the epigastrium.
11 feeling of relaxation and hardness in the belly as the head of a fetus as being in the uterus, feeling leading up to the breasts, as if to fill with milk, followed later, by leaving the distraction of feeling like after childbirth.
Constipation 12.
13 Pollakiuria night.
Menses 14 advanced.
Precordial Weakness 15.
Backache 16.
Paresis in 17 members of the right side. Cold hands and feet.
18 can not sleep from excitement.
19 cool feeling on the surface and inside the body, but feel the physical warmth of the sun. Shivering with cold growing feeling in the limbs for holding wires partially exposed to the sun. Feels cold at night, but if they cover more, sweats. Sweat dripping from the epigastric hollow throughout the body.
20 Dermatitis. Epithelioma or skin cancer. Freckles.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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