Sunrays. Iridology

Sunrays. Iridology

Sunrays. Iridology

As its name suggests resemble sun rays radiating from the crown iris or even within this and cross the iris to come, sometimes to its periphery. These rays would be as channels or pathways through which digestive toxins find their way into organic sectors, to which overloaded. So they are always related to gastrointestinal dysfunction.

If they are whitish yellow with inflammation relate them, if, by contrast, are obscure to interpret them as hardening of tissues, contractions or rheumatism by accumulation of uric acid, butyric acid, etc., Affecting the organs that are connected or direct.

Iridology sunlight generally classified as major if they are born of the ridge crossing the pupil and iris corona, and these more serious and also affect the autonomic nervous system. If, by contrast, are born in this crown are called minor sun as having an unfavorable prognosis.

Looking at them we will consider its depth, length, quantity and color. A greater depth, length, quantity and darkening the outlook is worse. Moreover, we will consider whether there are other signs associated with iris sunlight (nerve ring, ponds, vaults, pigments, etc.) As this increases the value of diagnosis. For example, if we notice a sunbeam associated with one or more nerve rings will indicate that the sector concerned is worse than that in which these two signs do not match.

These rays mainly we usually see in the brain area. It is not uncommon for the patient that is manifest psychological problems or suffer from lack of concentration or memory, headaches, psoriasis, depression, etc.. The reason is that the transverse colon toxic material is being deposited in brain tissue. The brain area that is the most common where the look will show that if we look at another area look at potential problems that arise in this sector as it is not so common to observe outside the brain.

In the picture we see a lot of these rays from the crown iris and invaded many parts of the iris. Note how the transverse colon mainly target the toxins to the brain by a dysfunction of the bowel. The person presenting symptoms were: constipation, poor concentration, headaches and psoriasis of the scalp.

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