Calcium for weight loss

To lose weight take calcium supplements

A study published in British Journal of Nutrition has shown that increasing calcium intake promotes weight loss, but only in people whose diets are deficient in the mineral.

Participants in the weight loss program of 15 weeks was conducted in obese women consumed an average of less than 600 mg of calcium per day (the recommended daily intake is 1000 mg).

The women had a low calorie diet and were instructed to take two tablets a day to 1200 mg of calcium or a placebo in other cases. The results were that the women taking the calcium tablets lost nearly 6 kg over the course of the program compared to 1 kg for women in the control group.

Scientists assume that the brain can detect the lack of calcium and seeks to compensate by stimulating greater food intake, which clearly runs counter to the goals of any weight loss program. In addition, getting enough calcium seems that the desire to eat vanishes. The conclusion seems clear, adequate calcium intake is important in ensuring the success of any weight loss program.

Sources of calcium

What are some ways to increase your calcium intake and avoid unnecessary fat in the body?

Well, naturally, take a supplement in tablet, capsule or powder is a way to go. Drinking milk fortified soy or rice milk or milk products are also always helpful. Include foods such as yogurt and cheese, if you can tolerate, even better fresh goat. Indeed, a calcium supplement if you take 30 minutes before bed is likely to help you enjoy a relaxing and sleep deeper.

Foods like almonds, sesame seeds, molasses, broccoli and tofu (tofu) are also rich in calcium. And do not forget, make sure that calcium intake is balanced with half the amount in milligrams of magnesium for a healthy balance of minerals.

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