Tartarus emeticus - Homeopathic Remedies

Tartarus emeticus - Homeopathy

Major indications for Tartarus emeticus

  • Eruptions slow and lazy while acute skin and measles.
  • Varioloides eczema, smallpox false and true.
  • Pustular eczema, pustules, pus, boils, black pustules.
  • Tumors.
  • Chronic catarrh of the stomach (and especially in people given to drink).
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea. Bronchitis. Cough, choke.
  • Lung inflammation, lung paralysis imminent.

Key features of Tartarus emeticus

Pale skin color, cold, clammy skin on the head and legs itchy skin attached to a general concern before the eruption; spots as fleas pangs preferably in their hands horn flares measles rash with pustules all over the body, and especially in the genitals, as well as the inner lining of the mouth and neck lumps loose vesicles that are filled with matter and are a stain circuidas round, red and finally covered with a crust; pustules round, large, full, causing a big sting in the middle of a red spot circular, and after spending a crust, leaving a scar finally pustules pale, livid, blackish and sunken in the center, filled with a bloody or black liquid, and passing with extraordinary ease deep tumors and gangrenous.

Loathing of all food and especially milk, like eating fruits and sour things, belching night, like rotten eggs, climb to the mouth of acres liquids from the stomach, nausea with anxiety, and relieved by belching v flatulence, vomiting laborious, painful, without result, with cold sweat on the forehead and leg weakness, vomiting, painful, strong, laborious, mucus or fatty treats, weight in the stomach, as if he had eaten too much; plethora and pressure on the belly, as if he had stones in the stomach, especially when the patient is seated and bent forward, pulsating stabbing pains in the abdomen and stomach, watery diarrhea, mucus or thick, cloudy urine, and dark acre .

Roughness of the voice, cough with phlegm noise in the neck and chest, coughing excited by titillations in the larynx and trachea, coughing to drown, with shortness of breath or vomiting of what has been eaten, cough loud, hollow Each suction produces a sound of phlegm in the airways and shortness of breath, especially in bed, threatening to drown the patient improved when state can shed mucus, pain in the chest as if, particularly in the two sides, had some inflamed, excoriated, anxious heart beats after the coughing and shortness of breath, pale face and sunken.

General symptoms of Tartarus emeticus

The Tartarus emeticus is especially fluffy constitutions, venous-lymphatic, skin thin, overly sensitive and lack sufficient evaporation to cause less completely, very prone to gastricismo, cold and fall ill at every opportunity, many ailments that increase when sitting or when sitting still.

Doses of Tartarus emeticus

Only in isolated instances that threaten imminent danger, such as bronchitis, lung inflammation, or blood flow, are given frequent doses (every 1 to 3 hours), but generally sufficient repetitions with an interval of 1, 2 or 3 days. The diet should be adjusted to the specialty of the condition and constitution of the patient.

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