The Virus - Possible Causes of Type 1 Diabetes

Virus possible cause type1 diabetes

Some have developed type 1 diabetes after a virus attack

It is known that some have developed type 1 diabetes after a picture of viral infection such as flu, colds, fever.

Several studies support this point. For example, in one of these investigations came to came to examine 73 pancreas samples of young people who had died from complications related to diabetes and also examined 50 children who had died and yet did not have diabetes. In the first group more than 60 percent of young people in their bodies had evidence of enteroviral infection of beta cells, whereas in children without diabetes found no trace.

Theory of virus attack

Probably the virus, for some unknown reason, reaches the interior of the pancreas, specifically where the beta cells. At that time adheres to the outside of the beta cell and starts the attack. However, the immune system mistakenly detects the intruder, understanding that beta cells are actually a danger to be destroyed and begins to generate antibodies that identifies beta cells as enemies, beginning with the destruction of all beta cells by mistake.

And this becomes a constant problem for diabetics, since the virus does not die and live in the body of the person throughout his life. Therefore, as soon as the pancreatic beta cells creates new, the immune system destroys them immediately generating a vicious circle for life.

What is the origin of this virus?

The virus can come from many different sources. However, there is a theory that is becoming harder taking "shots". Some vaccines are virus on purpose to fulfill a particular function and others may have traces of other viruses hardly detectable, we injected into the bloodstream.

Conventional medicine does not believe that germs are pleomorphic, meaning they can change shape. However, many other scientists if they have demonstrated independently that some microbes can change shape and thus are pleomóficos. Therefore, a virus, bacterium, a fungus may be a different kind of microbe and therefore may become inactive in vaccines, hoping that some environmental trigger the select and start the job done.

This theory is found, we could say that many people have literally been injected with type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.

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