The Wiiitis, a new "disease" by the misuse of the Wii

We got a lot of attention, and even would say that was so "nice" to know a new term "doctor" that is occurring as a result of misuse of the table or playing Wii, "Wiiitis." It turns out that the World newspaper in his article "Wiiitis, the new injury" puts us on notice of the effect is occurring in some people spend too much time, and without proper preparation, the various games console Nintendo Wii.

Benefits of Wii Fit
According to several studies, Nintendo and other scholars, reminds us of the benefits we derive from the roughly 40 applications or exercises that have the Wii as:

- Improve balance and posture

- Modify the Body Mass Index

- Gentle exercise for PD patients.

- Assist in the rehabilitation of stroke and bone fractures.

- Improved the manual skill of surgeons.

- Or just have a good time relaxing.

But what is happening in some cases with the Wii? But in other cases, problems are occurring, especially in the arm that holds the command. Among the main problems we are seeing are: tendinitis, tennis elbow, back pain, discomfort in the wrist, sprains (fall of a table of Wii Fit, etc.).

The reason for these disorders is that while when practicing a sport that produces real power is dispersed to the arm to strike the ball, the ball, the racket, and so on., If you play the Wii and energy will accumulate in the arm (joint, wrist, etc..), leading to accumulated stress can lead to various inflammations.

So once again we see how the lack of balance by devoting too much time on this kind of games no previous preparation, not to be reasonable to spend much time playing without a break (10 minutes per hour is recommended), can cause injury embitter us the good intention with which it started.

So be wise and not become a disease, "The Wiiitis" a good time.

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