The best foods for your health

The best foods

The variety of food in nature is a gift from God that we must learn to know how to use. Here we mention the food that we consider best for the category to which he belongs or by the nutrient stresses.

This list is important because it will help our food is as varied as are the nature food.

The best proteins

Normally people think of meat, but if you eat meat your body constantly suffer nutritional deficiencies and diseases.

Among the best proteins highlight: veal, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, nuts, seeds and legumes.

If you are a vegetarian substitute meat and fish nut bread, stews, vegetables, seeds, sprouts, etc..

Recall that proteins rebuild the body and ensures playback.

The best carbohydrates

These highlight: brown rice, yellow corn flour, millet and rye. Other good starches include: sweet potatoes, ripe bananas, oatmeal, barley, buckwheat, etc..

It would be interesting to replace the rye bread crackers or rice cakes. If you eat bread that is a good bread flour, the germ and seed added. Spelt bread is better than wheat bread.

The best candy

Keep in mind that most of the candy, in particular, white sugar, form acid and steal nutrients from the body.

Therefore, among the best candy highlight: natural honey (not hot), date sugar, maple syrup, cane molasses, brown sugar and fruit concentrates (natural jams).

Remember not to use white sugar. Lacking vitamins and minerals.

The best oils

For all oil is a good oil should not be heated. With this in mind we highlight: safflower oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, sesame oil and olive oil. These oils should always be taken virgin and cold pressed.

The best drinks

Aside from untreated natural water, which has no substitute, healthy drinks highlight the following: whey (rich in potassium and refreshing), the liquefied vegetables (carrot juice, parsley, beets, etc.). The natural fruit juices, herbal infusions (take as needed) soy milk, oats, rice, etc..

The best vegetables for salads

The long leaf lettuce (not iceberg), carrots (source of vitamin A), beets (both raw and grated), cucumbers (high sodium), parsley, watercress (rich in potassium) and zucchini.

The best vegetables for cooking

Beet for its purifying action of the liver and gallbladder. Carrots, green beans or beans, zucchini, spinach, peas and squash of all kinds.

The best salad dressing

Salad dressings can enrich in vitamins and minerals. You can add blue cheese, blue cheese, some apple cider vinegar and oil, avocado, nut butter, cheddar cheese with yogurt. Dressings with yogurt go well in weight loss diets.

Best legumes

It should be borne in mind in relation to pulses that if eaten fresh are alkaline, but if they eat dry are acidic. The best legumes are: lentils, pinto, soy, chickpeas, black beans, the peas, beans, etc..

The best medicinal plants

It is difficult to choose among such diverse number of medicinal plants and given their very different properties.

But if we do not have a specific need herbal tea is good for: mint, thyme, rosemary, basil, dill, sage and bay leaf. When combined with other plants will obtain excellent results.

The best seasoning

Refined table salt must be discarded altogether. Cumulative adverse effects to the body. You have to replace it with sea salt, or better yet Himalayan Salt (salt mine). Other seasonings are: vegetable broth powder composed of dehydrated vegetables. Use cayenne pepper instead of black. Remember that black pepper is at least 10 times more irritating to the liver than alcohol. Other good seasonings are: paprika, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.

The best seeds

The raw seeds are foods that contain 10 and all the vitamins and minerals from food. Best of all is the sesame seeds followed by sunflower, squash, alfalfa, fenugreek, flax.

The best nuts

The raw almond is the best ever. It is the most alkaline. Then highlight the whole nuts. If the nuts are taken into butter is easier to digest. Also great to take milk of almonds or walnuts. Other excellent nuts are the cashew, pine nuts (containing 44% fat eye!), Coconut, and hazelnut.

The best fresh fruit

All are excellent for its contribution of vitamins, especially vitamin C and that have laxative properties. The best are: peaches (peaches), bananas, apples, pears, pineapple, apricots and grapes.

The best sweet dried fruit

These fruits have their sugars very concentrated so you do not have to consume the same amount as fresh fruit. It is interesting to rehydrate before eating, but not required. The best are: raisins, prunes, figs, dates (these should not be rehydrated), apricots (dried apricots), pears and peaches.

Best Soups

People, generally considered that the soup must bring meat protein. Not necessarily. If you want a soup without meat protein can be added before serving the soup a tablespoon of butter, nuts or seeds. You can also add an egg yolk. Remember that all soups should be cooked over low heat, should not boil. This is so especially if there's meat as an ingredient in the soup and the meat cooked for a long time is harmful to the kidneys. You can replace the meat with gelatin.

The best soups are: vegetables, onion soup, split pea soup (peas), potato soup, the miso soup, barley soup.

A good recipe for the soup: In a blender put four or five mixed vegetables (good amount). Add equal amount of water. Empty the contents into a stainless steel vessel and boil a little. Add one or two tablespoons of soy milk powder and continue cooking two or three minutes. Finally, strain and drink only the broth.


It is the list of the best foods that nature has made available. Now a question of who can take advantage of them, processing them in excess, combining well, ranging from food and yes enjoying them! Remember that in SaludBio already explained how to do this, but I remember in related articles.

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