The constitutions in homeopathy: carbonic, phosphoric, fluoric, sulfuric

Constitutions in Homeopathy

Homeopathy can be defined in the term constitution as stable morphological construction, made with a character set that the individual has morfopisológicos in adulthood and has been developed over the first part of his life. (Roland Zissu).

In homeopathy it is interesting knowledge of the constitution of the individual and a relationship between morphology, physiology and the psyche of the person, so that according to the "morphological type" and are certain pathological tendencies that a person will develop.

This is important and is shown, as in Iridology the situation is very similar.

Knowing these biotypes is interesting since it may correspond to the indication of certain homeopathic medicines and can give us useful prognostic criteria for preventive treatment.

Types of constitution in homeopathy

We describe three types of constitution in homeopathy that correspond to the calcium salts that form the skeleton, but other researchers have to include one more:

  • Carbonic Constitution - Calcarea carb (calcium carbonate)
  • Forfórica Constitution - Calcarea phosphate (calcium phosphate)
  • Fluoric Constitution - Calcarea fluorica (calcium fluoride)
  • Sulfuric Constitution (sulfur)

Carbonic Constitution

Morphology of the constitution carbonic

Brevilíneo, broad-shouldered, stocky. Rigid
Jaws: dental arches, upper and lower contact. The teeth are usually square, white.
Tips: the extension of the forearm on the arm fails to make a horizontal line.

The behavior of the constitution carbonic

His body language is slow, heavy, with gestures, sober, linear. The person is so rigid in his body and behavior: ordered, director, stubborn, rational, logical, methodical sense of order and discipline. Looking security and has a profile repeating in your life.

Diseases related to carbonic constitution

Obesity, metabolic disorders, diabetes, arthritis, arteriosclerosis. Diseases of "overload" or toxic deposits.

Main homeopathic constitution carbonic

Are those that are related to Calcarea carb, Hepar sulfur, Graphites, Lycopodium, Sulfur, Kali carb.

Constitution PR

Morphology of phosphate incorporation

Elongated shape, weak, tall, slender, expressive, long limbs and narrow thorax.
Jaws: yellow teeth, central incisors longer than wide.

The behavior of phosphate incorporation

His body language is expressive gestures rapid and irregular

Diseases related to phosphate incorporation

ENT diseases, respiratory-type, allergies, asthma, digestive disorders, nervous and psychic. It also presents mineralization disorders, especially spinal.

Top of the constitution homeopathic phosphoric

Are those that are related to Calcarea phos salts, Phosphorus, Kalium phos, Phosphorus, Natrum muriaticum, Silica, Sulfur iodatum.

Fluoric Constitution or dystrophic

Morphology of the constitution fluorica

Noted for the asymmetry of the body: height variable, rather small. Ligamentous laxity
Jaws: dental arches, top and bottom are not in contact. The teeth usually have a poor quality enamel, are gray, irregular implementation.
Tips: the extension of the forearm on the arm has an obtuse angle, open forwards.

The behavior of the constitution fluoric

His body language gestures is irregular, disorganized. Attitude unstable. His behavior is "hypermobile" as your body: unstable, indecisive, does not want the obligations, order, discipline. It's rough, paradoxical. You can be brilliant in the intellectual, or conversely, unable to have a regular activity.

Diseases related to the constitution fluorica

Highly variable, as its constitution. Mainly type diseases and articular ligamentous laxity due to

Main homeopathic constitution fluorica

Based on Calcarea fluoric, Fluoric acid, Mercurius, Baryta, Argentum

Sulfuric Constitution

Morphology of the constitution sulfuric

Medium size, rectangular face, hands, balanced, normal muscle tone
Jaws: The teeth are usually square, almost perfect.

The behavior of the constitution sulfuric

Generally balanced

Diseases related to sulfuric constitution

Reactions alive, sharp, energetic. Sick and heal quickly.

Main homeopathic constitution sulfuric


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