The duration of fasting

How long I can fast?

Man, like animals, may remain long without eating. While all will benefit is fasting, but fasting is beyond starvation.

Some say more than seven days without food is a health hazard, but people who know very closely the practice of fasting, as well as clinical practice it with your patients know very well that you can reach much longer without danger to health.

It is known that a healthy person can fast for longer than a patient, that is because during fasting, the person will suffer impaired healing crisis calls and sometimes be difficult to bear. If the person is also very aware of these issues may not be mentally prepared to follow a healing fast. So sick people is preferable to raise the issue of fasting gradually and never reached the limits of your body (let alone without the advice of a professional).

The most common length of a fast is 7 to 21 days, however, have been practiced fasting up to 40 and 60 days.

What is the limit of days of fasting

What is the limit? In people who have done hunger strikes some have 50 days and in other cases some have died at 70 days. This does not mean that the 70 days are the absolute limit of what the body can endure without food. Keep in mind that people who do a hunger strike do these fasts in a non-"professional" producing an initial weight loss and a very rapid exhaustion of their energy in a very harmful.

There are also bear in mind that fasting is not the same occasionally taking some fruit juice or vegetable, that fasting is only based drink only water.

Given the latter, it appears that in completely healthy people who practice fasting and under the right conditions the limit is around 90 days. However, therapeutic fasting, the body never needs to reach that limit, on the contrary are completed much earlier but it all depends on the person.

Another point to consider is that in the modern day as the body is not accustomed to go through these periods of fasting, their resilience is greatly reduced, so that difficulties increase survival in unfavorable situations. Knowing this, it would be interesting to practice fasting for a short time periodically to keep before us the survival skills atrophy.

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