The healthy breakfast should be a daily habit

How a healthy breakfast

Many people do not consider breakfast a very important meal of the day, simply because they have a hurry or because they think little breakfast helps you lose weight.

Unfortunately, for those who think so, this is far from the truth. Breakfast is one of the most important meals you can do, as you may have a positive impact on their health and also in efforts to lose weight.

Benefits of breakfast

Breakfast is beneficial in many ways. After a restful night breakfast replenishes the energy our body needs sleep after night. We can say that we fill our gas tank, ie, we again meet our energy needs in the form of calories, along with other nutrients like vitamins and minerals, fiber and protein.
Breakfast helps to re-raise the level of glucose in the blood as it is usually low when you wake up and helps speed the metabolism, which is the most powerful tool to burn fat.

What breakfast can do for you

Provide the level of sugar in the blood it needs your brain, muscles and other internal organs need energy to burn. This leads to better concentration and memory skills with more sustained energy as the morning progresses. So it helps to prevent the fall of energy in the late morning, leading many people to eat less healthy foods.

It is important to think about foods that make for breakfast. Coffee and donuts is not the best breakfast since they provide little nutrient value. You, with that kind of breakfast, you can get a quick energy boost thanks to refined sugar and caffeine, but will be short lived and will produce a drop in blood sugar that will leave you with the desire to consume more sugar.

By contrast a breakfast that focuses on fiber foods (complex carbohydrates sources of whole grains) with a little fat provides positive energy. These foods give you calories in a sustained and will last all morning, maintaining good physical and mental tone in the morning.

There are also many studies showing that people who eat a healthy breakfast eat less during the day, simply because they have cravings in the morning. If you look at current issues affecting the weight of people in the Western world, we see that poor eating habits at breakfast are contributing to the problem of malnutrition.

One of the best ways to speed up your metabolism is to make a healthy breakfast every day. Breakfast is the first opportunity that presents itself to give your body the nutrition it needs and lead to an optimal level. Give your body what it needs and be amazed at how easy it is to lose the extra weight you've been trying to get rid of other ways.

Examples of healthy breakfast

We make an observation. Not the same breakfast for a healthy person to a person who is suffering from a disease.

If the person is healthy can start the day with a glass of fruit juice given the fruit of the season.

After leaving a bit of time can have your breakfast. As a beverage plant can use soy milk, oat or rice (there are also mixtures of these drinks). You can sweeten with honey, maple syrup, molasses or some fructose. Together with the beverage may take either fruit or whole grains. It is much better not to mix these two types of food. Along with your breakfast you can take nutritional supplements it deems beneficial to you (pollen, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, sesame seeds, vitamins, minerals, etc.).

If you want to eat fruit, take first juicy fruit (seasonal), to suit your mood and then to make your breakfast more energy take dried sweet fruit (raisins, prunes, dates, apricots, figs, etc..). Take all you want. If you find that to be hungry mid-morning, you can repeat or take apple with a nut. Remember to always first juicy fruit and more acidic and eventually the drier and sweeter.

If you prefer cereals. You can then take the same drink with some fruit or wholegrain muesli cereal. A few slices of bread of spelled, rice or rye are also very nutritious and energy. With this kind of breakfast better not to take fruit juice except when you stand or blocks.

We recommend leaving the protein for lunch or afternoon / evening.

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