The ideal diet of man

Ideal food

The advent of agriculture some thousands of years ago and subsequent enlargement of the power mass made possible thanks to the industrial revolution has solved the problems of the amount of food, but not the quality.

The average life span has increased in parallel with these changes, due in large part to agricultural productivity, the distribution of food in an efficient way and the conservation and development of public services. Yes, the medical sciences are not only responsible for the increase in life expectancy, but that farmers, truckers and plumbers have also contributed.

Primary products from the fields of today - cereals and legumes - provide us with a large amount of calories, but should not be the basis of natural human nutrition. The argument in favour of this can be seen in a diet based on grains or cereals has led to the modern epidemic of chronic degenerative diseases and obesity.

The diet in the perspective of time

If we draw a line of 170 km long that represents the current estimated time of life on Earth, the time elapsed since the Industrial Revolution - some 250 years - would occupy a minimal fraction of the entire line. Put another way, if we reduce the time of life on Earth a year, our modern industrial era would be little more than 3 seconds. Despite the fact that we have grown up in the era of fluorescent lights, plastic surgery and chocolate bars have to see the basis of our food from a genetic perspective over time.

The genetic point of view

Human genes and of all living creatures, are obviously in line with the 170 km, not with the last few centimetres from the line.

Think of a fish. Their genes are programmed to life in the water and to eat smaller fish. If we try to deny this fact out of the water and feeding it to base of lasagne, it will give an indigestion and will die. This extremely simple concept is so obvious that even gives trouble to mention it. But few people understand it! Today people eat anything, food coated with sugar, lasagne, domestic carnivorous fish from fish farms, animal, preserves, sweets, processed foods, deli, etc., and you think that modern medicine can repair any damage or disease that occurs.

A simple truth

If things do not work according to the purpose with which were designed late or early break, they spoil. You can not expect a plate wash you clothes, or that a washer freeze you food. The appliances to operate in accordance with the purpose of the manufacturer.

Our parents taught us the proper way to use toys, we know enough to read the instruction manuals, and everyone can overcome a small test of intelligence: do not put a plug square into a round hole. It is a matter of common sense.

The application of these simple principles is the master key to health.

The design of our genes and the alimentation

Human genes are scheduled, what makes them our instruction manual. And they are programmed according to the 170 km away from the timeline that represents our lives in contact with nature and our natural food that is present. I.e. our genes are not scheduled according to few centimeters of the synthetic environment that we created in the last seconds of the time line. Our genes are encoded with the outside world. When we are born, our genes trust we will continue living in the forest and continue eating natural foods that nature provides us, and we will remain so throughout life. We must not confuse our origins because we born in this synthetic world.

The modern world of today, based on leisure, in plastic and concrete dwellings, with air conditioning, polluted air, little sunshine and exercise, treated and contaminated municipal water and processed foods, is barely recognizable to our genes. We are in fact as the fish out of the water, a genetic time tunnel.

Food and organic survival

The food is an important component of health because the result of its metabolism bathes all the tissues of our body. If you do not select the right foods that are adapted to the nutrition of the 170 km and not the last few centimetres we get in trouble.

In a way, it is regrettable that the body is so strong and try to adapt to any food. This allows society to give his dimwitted consent to an "adaptation to the toxicity," rather than face facing the problems and causes of diseases. If our stomach sick everytime we ate something that wasn't correct, the solution was simple: trusting the instinctive reflex of vomiting. If health is our goal there is to use the intelligence and have vision and leave the palliation symptomatic so common today day.

The situation we face today is that our bodies diligently seek increasingly to a higher level of toxicity homeostasis. This mechanism of desperate survival ultimately is notable beyond their limits and the result is disease, degeneration and loss of vitality. Unfortunately, the consequences of this type of action are distant in time, and the body is so merciful and long-suffering, few understand the relationship between cause and effect.

The food of the nature is the best

Then, do as return to our origins? We will give a few simple principles that are so reasonable that it is not even necessary to look for evidence.

Consider the following premises:
Just as a tree is genetically adapted to absorb certain nutrients from the soil, a lion is genetically adapted to stalk their prey, and a deer is genetically adapted to walk by the vegetation, thus also human beings we are genetically adapted to certain types of food.

Most of the modern processed foods are the result of the agricultural revolution / industrial it occupies a small part of the genetic history of humans and non-human natural foods are.

Natural food, genetically adapted to human beings is much earlier than this time. We were fully developed and adapted much before any other food processing methods and organic farming. That means that humans consumed before a more natural diet, diet responsible for the existence and development of the incredibly complex human organism.

If you consider this, the logical conclusion derived from this is that the best food for human beings is the food able to find in nature without the need of any kind of process (kitchen). There is, therefore, no mystery as to what is healthy and natural food. It is exactly what we find in nature if we had been abandoned in it. The list is quite short: fruits, nuts, milk, honey, eggs, some vegetables vegetables, seed trees and little else.

The harsh reality of the importance of living food

A feature of all natural foods is that they are live foods. The importance of this fact is evident from the law of Biogenesis that says that life can only come from pre-existing life. Life begets life. Despite the dreams of scientists on the other hand, we have never observed that life emerges from non-life, nor we have been able to create life from non-life in a laboratory. If we eat live food, we can improve our own lives. If killed, devitalized foods we eat, we become beings devitalized and killed. Of course, this will not happen suddenly, but as the book adaptation they have been exhausted and the balance is lost we become just like dead foods that we eat.

This agrees with what Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said already thousands of years ago: "food must be in the condition where they are in nature, or at least in a State as close as possible to that found in nature."

Not us fell suddenly from outer space cookers into pressure, microwaves, ovens, fryers, grills and pans. We started on the floor of the forest, not at a fast-food counter. Our natural bodies are designed for a natural world, exactly as any other creature.

Now, each agency of the Earth eats raw foods as they are in nature. Do you think that nature is unaware of our decision to change all that? Human beings, among all the millions of species of creatures on Earth, the privilege of having discovered an error in nature and he corrected it by cooking their food? We do not think so. If you want to find a demon that has dominated our time modern in order to cause disease, is: the kitchen.

Grains or cereals are not a natural food of humanity

Grains have become one of the pillars of the food processed in this era. Despite the fact that they are "natural" (come from nature), are not a natural food for human beings. We can conclude this because you need to cook them (heat) to develop their starches are digestible, and neutralize the toxins that contain their seeds. The beans do not pass the test of food according to our genetic matching.

Our immersion in the modern kitchen and food processing has deceived us. We assume that what is usual and ordinary is how things should be. Even the "healthy food" industrial has deceived us. Cheese soy, whole grains breads, pasta integral; i.e. cereals at the end and ultimately very integrals that are are not natural, and the tano are not food for human consumption (Needless to say that they are better than the sickly versions of refined cereals). They can not be found in nature in a way that allows their safe consumption in its natural state. No human being in nature could ever survive eating cereal or grain. They are there to grow other plants and as food for other animals, but not for us.

If we say this cereal, imagine foods processed, preserved, withdrawn, etc.!

The dangers of heat treatment in food

Although cooking is often justified on the basis that ensures that food is digestible and acceptable, and that neutralize certain toxins and pathogens, is paid little attention to their inherent toxicity and the little nutritional value of these.

Warm food, especially in mixtures, breaks down amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins, oxidize fatty acids and cholesterol, there is a change in the physico-chemical state of food enzymes, hydrogenated fatty acids, are destroyed the chelates of minerals and vitamins.... only to start the list. The end result is a food that you can smell, see and like well, you may even need a label with ingredients and nutritional properties very seductive, but deaths and diseases occur are nutritionally unbalanced.

The conclusion is that the heat is the enemy of nutrition as it can be easy to predict to see what happens with anything complex that burned.

Heat accelerates the inevitable increase in Thermodynamic Entropy, i.e., the loss of the order which characterizes the life and the difference with non-life. In fact, healthy information (another version of the thermodynamic entropy) in food is lost with the introduction of heat and, therefore, the information cannot be transferred for the benefit of the consumer.

Put the goal of natural food

It is difficult today to achieve the ideal of the raw, natural diet. First of all, we would have problems with the aesthetics and taste, due to the degeneration of our palate, and secondly, there are a few options available in the market. However, the understanding of the above mentioned principles helps us understand how to make decisions and the commitment to eat fewer processed foods. It gives us an idea at least of the goal we strive to achieve.

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