The ions of air and health

Ionization of the air

The air pure, only able to maintain life in good condition, is a gas mixture rich in oxygen (chemical feature), exempt from toxic bodies and pathogenic germs (microbiological feature), and with special electrical properties (physical feature).

Air ions

The latter relate to the presence of negative ions which, on first analysis, are gaseous atoms electrically charged.

This electric air quality, while intuida for centuries, is only known from some decades. Originating according to climates, places and in favourable moments (high mountain, rocky shores of the sea, as a result of storms) or unfavourable (hot winds, storms, mist proximity). And recently (preventive or curative) treatments of multiple conditions that have to do with air ions have been determined.

Formation of ions

Vital gas that we call air is formed by two atoms (02) molecules, which, under the influence of many factors, hatch giving birth to ions, which is ionized the atmosphere.

When the water is projected violently against a solid (the waves of the Sea against the rocks, for example) the obstacle is loaded positively. On the contrary, fine water droplets emerging goodbyes are negative. This phenomenon is called 'Lenard effect'.

In the atmosphere, ions can be formed by other more general processes: radiation emanating from soil, cosmic rays coming from the intersiderales spaces, electrical discharges (on the occasion of storms), ultraviolet rays. In all of them, provided energy shocks and upsets the molecules, causing a secondary bombardment of particles which start particles or cut into two molecules.

A molecule thus divided into two gives birth to two ions, one positive and negative. All the above factors, ionizing.

Factors that favor the ionization

While the ions are constantly formed, disappear almost with as much speed as they have been formed. This is because two opposite electrical charges attract and tend to combine to form a neutral molecule. In addition these ions are of very small size and very fast, his life is short. However, certain facts contribute to its duration.

It is essentially the existence of the Earth's electric field which prevents that the neutral molecule is not formed too quickly. In the upper atmosphere, there is a layer, the ionosphere, which has positive polarity. Attracts, therefore the negative electrical charges, so go up towards her. On the contrary, the Earth is negative and positive ions tend to descend. This electric flow is very weak, but there is and is measurable (the upward flow is around 3 x 10-16 amperes per cm2). In supermarkets this ends up causing a significant difference of electrical potential between heaven and Earth. Rays of storms are huge downloads on this large capacitor.

Although nothing has to do with health, there are two facts that might interest the reader and put in evidence the Earth's electric field. The rise of SAP in plants is provided by the vast upward flow of electrons; and simply connect the negative (-) pole of a battery to the positive pole (+) at the bottom and the top of a tree to prevent the SAP to rise and make the tree dies. Likewise, in the constructions, humidity rises in the walls for the same phenomenon; the reversal of the direction of electrons or the electrical isolation of the base of the wall dry.

Returning to molecules, in the time that under the action of the input energy outside express two currents that rise or fall tend, respectively, to take with you, a negative ions, and the other, the positive. This prevents your immediate recombination and contributes therefore to increase the duration of each of them and, therefore, the ionization.

Factors impeding the ionization

Certain phenomena, many and various orders, rush to the contrary efimeridad ions. As you will understand, that opposes the electric field implies a more rapid recombination and ionization decreases. This is a first aspect, but there are also other destructive processes of ions. We briefly cite some examples:

The first factor which is opposed to the electric field is too intense humidity of the atmosphere, as it generally occurs in summer when burst violent storms or in the warm season in tropical countries. The conductivity of the air, which is not of type electric but ion, is maximum when the air is dry and warm, and is minimal when the air is humid, cold or full of strange particles (smoke, dust, etc.). The mix of fog and smoke, the 'smog', is particularly fearsome and CITES (in London) that has produced ailments and even deaths. The lack of negative ionization, as we shall see, explains these phenomena.

Pollution of the air, for the same reasons: exhaust gases from motor vehicles, products of combustion of air transport, industrial fumes, waste of the heating, etc.

Major construction using reinforced concrete, metal roofs, etc. These buildings constitute what technicians call 'Faraday boxes'. Isolate electrically the environmental atmosphere. It is what explains that television broadcasts are ill-received forcing put antennas on the roof. Do not we realize that the antennas are traps against live, electric, air that we breathe. This isolation suppresses the electric field in the interior of the buildings and contributes to decrease or eliminate the ionization.

The cars also. His body is a perfect Faraday box. If one adds to this the emanations of gas or dust (unburned bodies, wear and tear on tires), will be why the atmosphere of the interior of a car is particularly harmful (and horripila think what happens if, in addition, the driver or passengers smoke!). Perhaps this is why, regardless of possible psychological causes, the more peaceful citizens, at the wheel of his car, becomes quickly become an aggressive and violent.
So far we have referred to what happens with the ions in their chemical definition (electrically charged atoms). Make it something more complicated, even must explain what happens from the physical point of view. A number (some dozens) of oxygen molecules coalesce around a negative oxygen ion. This is what have been called 'small ions' negative. It should be stressed that it is not, strictly speaking, ion but rather of groupings of molecules. These groupings are lightweight, mobile and their duration is short (30 seconds in the civic atmosphere).

But the ions can also glue on a different support: a particle of coal, water or another substance, with resulting «large ions». They are actually false ions, parasites, traps, if they are abundant in the atmosphere, lowering real ionization.

These major ions, several thousand times more voluminous than the precedents, are much slower. Its duration is longer, on the order of an hour. It is why we find here another contrary to the ionization cause: air pollution. Dust, soot, smoke, are particularly harmful to this individual.

And if we have to mention again the tobacco smoke is not for taking match against their consumption, but because, effectively, this smoke is 'beautifully' loaded with thick cited positive ions. Wherever that he suffers from, tobacco is one of the greatest scourges of our civilization. On the other hand there to mention equipment in air conditioning, with their metal strips which stop the electric field, and their processes of washing, humidification and filtering that they stop or destroy the ions.

Urban air - air field

We have pointed out that the natural ionization could vary depending on the places. Let's see the why:

On the mountain, toward the 2,000 meters of altitude, the air is dry and in it there are about 2,000 negative ions per cm3.

It is also the figure found in the countryside after a storm and certain privileged places of the globe: certain microclimates of mountain waterfalls, the shores of the sea with rocks and surf, high valleys and areas of strong vitality, as the Himalayas, Pakistan (country of the hunzas) and the Caucasus, where the high longevity is legendary.

On the flat, with a good atmosphere, the rate varies from 400 to 800 ions per cm3.

In a large city more or less contaminated, the rate falls to 150, 100 and sometimes a less ions per cm3.

In the interior of the rooms falls to between 50 and 80 ions per cm3.

At little airy premises or using air conditioning (stores, entertainment rooms, cars) is even more low, almost non-existent, between 15 and 0 per cubic centimetre.

Effects on health

Already in the past had tried various means to energize negative (not to be confused with electrocutar is). It had been observed that atmospheric ionization-rich climate, as well as walking barefoot, especially on the húmedecida grass by the morning dew, etc. was favourable to the health and dynamism

You also knew that certain migraine cede «connecting to Earth» to the patient. This can come in various ways: putting hands or arms in a bowl with salt water; wrapping the head like a turbán with a towel soaked in salt water, or connect through a water from the bath or compress the copper wire to an outlet of Earth, part radiator heating central or similar metal.

The modern electric negativación is obviously a more elaborate procedure. Its most interesting effects are often very sensitive and rapid changes:

  • Feeling of relaxation
  • Recovery of the dream of the physical and psychic powers
  • Regulation of cell metabolism
  • Improves the general State and in particular of the nervous balance
  • Disappearance of pain, spasms, contractions, inflammations.

This is currently available from a few devices designed in Hungary ionisers to produce negative ions. Not behave no moving parts or become hot, so do not suffer wear. Its power consumption is negligible (0'5 watts). They occur in models indicated for offices, homes or for the car.

Benefits of air ionisers

Their use is particularly recommended in:

  • Astenias
  • Disorders of nervous functioning (anxiety, palpitations, insomnios, nervousness)
  • Digestive disorders (colitis, spasms, constipation)
  • Vesicular disorders
  • Asthma
  • Paroxysmal tachycardia
  • High blood pressure
  • All classes (in particular the rheumatic has) headaches
  • States pre and postoperative.

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