Thermal Doctrine Manuel Lezaeta

One of those who made possible the dissemination of Natural Medicine to the present was D. Manuel Lezaeta. With his excellent book The natural medicine available to everyone "gave a different view of medicine that has enabled many people are raised if the path taken towards health is correct, or if on the contrary, they need to turn his concept of health.

As a reminder of his excellent work in the field of natural medicine we wanted to publish a summary of his article Thermal Doctrine of Health.

Thermal Doctrine Health
Thermal Doctrine is defined as one that teaches man to live healthy or to regain their health through the balance of your body heat.

It aims Health to be normal function of the body depends on the balance of internal and external temperatures of the body.

The means employed are: To live healthy fulfilling Natural Law and to restore lost heat balance in any patient, the proper use of the agents of life that Nature offers.

Principles that underpin the Doctrine Thermal Manuel Lezaeta
The body is a single organ drained by a single fluid, blood and powered by an energetic force, the nervous system.

The body has a single function: life. This is vegetative and emotional. The vegetative life is manifested by nutrition, elimination and reproduction.

There are no diseases but sick. These can be divided into: congenital, acute, chronic and organic decomposition.

Nature is the cure to normal. Unique healing agent: the life force. Single action: organizational renewal.

The vital force
What strengthens: Good digestion and elimination skin. The sun. Air. The light. The pure blood.

What depresses: Vaccines, serums and injections. Indigestion.

What destroys: Intoxication intestinal and respiratory poison. Drugs. Surgery, radiation therapy.

How to check the thermal Doctrine
- For the pulse.

- For the irises.

- For the BM.

- For actual cases of integral healing.

Conclusions Thermal Doctrine Manuel Lezaeta
- Any condition is not functional in nature and microbial (parasite or microbes).

- Health is normal function, which requires thermal equilibrium of the body.

- The disease is functional abnormality with different expressions according to personal circumstances of the patient.

- Death is cessation of intoxication or functional degeneration.

- The organic functioning is impaired by: accident (external cause) or thermal imbalance (internal cause).

- Should be standardized in time to heal because what is lost is normal.

- No gastrointestinal illness without fever.

- No person sick with good digestion and healthy person with poor digestion.

- Men's health depends on its struggle against the internal heat of your body.

- Man is the only being in creation who lives feverish her womb with cooking and freezing your skin with clothing and coats inadequate.

- This is the thermal equilibrium that causes every disease, without microbial intervention.

Our findings on the Doctrine Thermal
Today it may seem, in the twenty-first century, this doctrine Thermal simplistic. No doubt the causes of disease are varied and many are ongoing investigations in this field. Today, however, humans are also much more complex than when Manuel Lezaeta Thermal raised his Doctrine. Our civilization has been sick as complex as civilization itself.

At the time of Mr. Lezaeta, people lived mainly in the field, and lived off the field. Today we live in the city and the city, with all that entails (pollution, stress, denatured foods, tap water dead, sedentary lifestyle, etc, etc.).

In his time the patients responded extremely well to the natural means that the teacher recommends Lezaeta us in his books. Today the sick, as we said before, are so complex that it is not so simple air-cured, sun, water and land. However, the basis of their teaching and their techniques have not lost value, should be the basis for all natural therapies, because do not forget, we are a part of nature and need air, sun, water, and earth to live and to heal.

Thank you very much for your contribution to the field of natural medicine.

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