Tips for mental health

Here we review some of the tips that Dr. Bernard Jensen gave us to maintain good mental health.

We have made some additional comments to explain them and give our opinion.

  • Be at peace and satisfied when eating. Your state of mind affects the gastric juices. The anger and negative thoughts are enemies of good digestion.
  • Cultivate a hobby, do something every day that you want to make for yourself. Having a hobby or hobby is healthy.
  • Give yourself time off for personal enjoyment. As we shall see, helping others is necessary for health, but start by helping yourself.
  • Learn to be calm. We recovered when the body is very serene. To achieve health is priority rest. If you are sick, your lifestyle stop and rest. If only stifles symptoms to continue his pace will pay later.
  • Any change of scenery helps anyone embroiled in a routine and monotonous. We can not always change things to our liking but we can do small things that we rejoice in our routine. Get away from it!
  • Remember that a cheerful mind helps digest food. So stay always happy to not have to see the doctor. Ie while eating better not see television programs that excite him. Or rather, not watching TV (news).
  • That absolute happiness and satisfaction does not depend on other people. Learn to enjoy being alone with yourself. Learn to be your best friend. Find your own place in life. Man is a social being and others affect us. We must not isolate ourselves or be insensitive, but we must learn to put a barrier to autoprotegernos.
  • The mind is extremely important. Take care of your mind and not sobreejercite. It has been said that 50% of true health is in the mind.
  • If possible, do not work more than 6 hours, ie 6 in the afternoon, not the morning! Find harmony with relatives living with his brother man, with the culture of today and with Mother Earth. The night is for rest. We are a link in the Earth, we learn to be in symbiosis with it.
  • Make sure you have music in your life, color, pleasant ambience and a mind of great height. Your attitude is your altitude. God made us to enjoy life, not just to live, which is why we see in color, enjoy the gift of music, smell, etc. etc.
  • You claim to rights that belong by birth. Help people. Learn and perform a service. Remember there is more happiness in giving than in receiving.
  • May not be good unless you feel happy, and you can not be happy unless I feel good. This phrase reminds me that health is not the most important thing in life, but without health life is not as important.
  • To feel happy today, go out and help someone to be happy. It will never be happy looking only happiness.
  • Get a sense of humor. Start by making fun of yourself.
  • Keep your mind active! As a watch, wind it every day with something new to do. The movement, the activity is life, stagnation, stasis is death.
  • Act according to your age, but according to an age that do stay home to rest. No it is not apparent, but neither has to be what others are his age.
  • Convince yourself that things will change for the better. A positive attitude is essential to achieve health.
  • The only constant in life is change. Whew!
  • Be happy and remember that all the people like bright character ... Especially on cloudy days! How easy is to brighten the lives of others, and how much it costs us sometimes!
  • You have the privilege to attract all the good things in life. Because we are the center of the Earth.
  • Make others happy, especially if you must live with them, and find that, over time, all the good you do will be returned. Undoubtedly! What you sow in this life, is what you reap.
  • There are three things for which you were born: love, serve and prosper. Yes, God, his family and his neighbor in that order.
  • The recovery is based on beauty. You must surround yourself with music, color, flowers and nice people. Bring the patient a better bouquet chocolates when you visit in the hospital.

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