Tips for pregnant


The health of children begins long before birth. It is said that the more fortunate are those whose parents think future and in them with love, much before they have known.

When the baby is on its way, ie in the womb, the doctor are the most successful will the requirements for pregnancy to a successful conclusion. But there are some notions that every mother should know. Are:

General rules for the pregnant

1. During pregnancy, women should wear loose clothing and wide. Do not use rubber bands, because they hinder the blood circulation in the legs. The breasts have these sustained, but not compressed, and undergo frequent and thorough cleaning.

2. Should be taken warm baths often during the last three months.

3. We must lead a hygienic life, exercise without fatigue, especially in the last month. The best exercise is walking.

4. Contrary to the ancient belief that pregnant women should not work, it is important to stay active, albeit with caution, making no exertion, like lifting heavy weights, or exhaustion. You should also avoid the risk of falls, bumps etc.

5. As important as the activity is rest. It should be enough hours to sleep. The nap after lunch, in the dark, is very beneficial. Raising the front feet of the bed helps prevent varicose veins.

6. If you have persistent headaches, continuous vomiting, swelling, bleeding or internal discomfort, you should show it as soon as possible to the gynecologist. It also should go to him to monitor the fetal position and size and configuration of the pelvis to ensure a normal delivery.

7. Is often convenient to analyze urine, to see if there is albumin. And it is worth monitoring blood pressure.

8. The health of the pregnant woman affects her unborn child. If you have high levels of toxins, such as those due to snuff, alcohol, certain drugs and medicines, as well as from the exhaust pipes of cars, the child may be seriously harmed.

9. They may also have important consequences for the child the mother's mental condition. That is why, especially in the last months of pregnancy, avoid anger, disappointment, discussions, frights, fears and other traumatic experiences.

10. If you have nausea, it is useful to replace the usual three meals for five or six small meals, so never leave empty stomach.

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