Unicist Homeopathy and Natural Medicine

Within the broad spectrum of homeopathy with their different schools (single, plural, complex) there may be such confusion that sometimes this technique is rejected by the disorder that these schools have built, without realizing it, with different methods or techniques for prescribing the remedy, or by not knowing how far the technique itself when it comes to effect a cure.

For many homeopaths it easier is knowing the local symptom of the patient, which actually comes into the office, and prescribe one or more similar medications to help alleviate their ailments. Both patient and therapist will be happy without. No doubt sooner or later will return the same symptoms or new and the cycle repeated. This way of treating people never reach what you really wanted the founder of homeopathy.

Homeopathy and science Unicist
With the wonderful legacy of the law of cure Hering, the pathogenesis of so many substances in professional medical materials, codes and software, we have at our disposal instruments that allow us not only try to alleviate local symptoms point, but to get to the depths of cure even as chronic. Moreover unicist homeopathy is making an effort with their research, to try and achieve the almost impossible, to prove that the law of the similarities and homeopathic dilutions from within the scientific. Although some detractors, and some not so, compare what remains a highly diluted homeopathic medicines to something like the existence of the soul after death is something that is beyond the realm of science and therefore ininvestigable and therefore not tested, the only ones with their research are getting, as I said before, try that with such unlikely features of water, the laws of thermodynamics (entropy) and resonance, not only information but the substance remains dissolved that with the passage of this dynamic information is power.

Homeopathy and simillimum unicist

Moreover, the same common school is still investigating how to make the steps you have to give until it reaches simillimum get a query, not something arbitrary or unique to each homeopath that is, as the popular saying " Maestrillo each has its booklet, "but it has a polished technique to follow to actually reach the goal of health.

Unique and Natural Medicine Homeopathy

One might say that in this world as mechanistic, contaminated and foolish, it is very difficult if not impossible to reach this point so desired health. It is true that every day we are more complex and that our vital energy is increasingly depressed and is likely to Sulfur 30 CH (for example) do not achieve our goals. However, Natural Medicine has at its disposal an arsenal of such a potential, which we know has achieved marvels in the field of health.

However, I feel that homeopathy is clearly unicist another spectacular weapon in the health field that must not be overlooked. It has proven with thousands of clinical cases to achieve what none could get past, even with the best natural medicine. Sometimes it has done simply with the administration of a single granule in a single dose (incredible to the uninitiated). The contribution of clinical cases studied by me could be very long and I will not dwell on that.

My point, therefore, is: if homeopathy has only been able to achieve such healing, what could do the same technique if you also include biological vegetarian diet, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, geoterapia, Indiba electrotherapy, colon hydrotherapy, supplements food, etc.. etc!

Therefore important that once again would include various techniques or health supplement for maximum benefit of patients, Medicine Eclectica!

Technical Unicist Homeopathy

The following steps are presented in very summary form only to have a general picture of the technique used in Homeopathy doctors unique and Marcelo E. Candegabe, Dr. Hugo C. Career been developed.

Step 1: Anamnesis or questioning

Make the interrogation typical homeopath to know the patient's symptoms. Ideally, the person directly explain their symptoms to the therapist. After exposure of the patient, the homeopath will try to steer the questioning to the special conditions or symptoms that are most important.

Step 2: Ranking of symptoms

Known patient's symptoms are ranked taking into account the following criteria:

Symptoms are divided into three categories:

A. - characterological: they are what define an individual's personality, how they react to the outside, his inner being.

B. - modalized are those that clearly identifies what separates him from other people for their quirks and how to react. These are grouped into the following three categories: Mental, the General and Local. In turn, these will be grouped and classified according to their length and intensity.

C - Auxiliary: are the symptoms of local disease, more recent and not modalized.

To prioritize and choose to use the following table that doctors Marcelo E. Candegabe, Dr. Hugo C. Career been developed in which the symptoms with greater numerical value will be selected:

                 Historical Intermediate Current
Mental             9                7                 3
General           8                5                 2
Local               6                4                 1

Step 3: Repertorization computer

Once selected only the most important symptoms modalized category will be chosen between 3 to 5 symptoms just to give opportunity to the remedies called "kids" so they can be potential candidates and can compete with large polychrests as the remedy for prescribe. If symptoms are widely used in computer repertorisation candidates will always polychrests famous.

These 3 to 5 symptoms must coincide with a computer item that is covered by no less than 7 drugs and no more than 150.

Introduced selected symptoms in the computer, it will give us a list of 15 medications that most fit with the patient.

Step 4: Consistency with the Materia Medica
The drugs they cover half plus one of the symptoms may be candidates for sole remedy. We will look not only at the rating that the computer gives the drug but on the number of symptoms covered by this drug.

Now we will compare these products with a professional Materia Medica (Vijnovski, etc..) And see which of these drugs block more with the patient. It is at this point that we have to compare as important characterological symptoms of the patient with the Materia Medica of the drug, and symptoms Auxiliaries.

The drug prescribing among potential candidates is that we explain to the patient as a whole and not the medication. This means that a lot of these homeopathic remedies have a number of characteristics that identify people whose formation and development of psora over time is identified with the substance in question, for example, we can say that there is a man Lycopodium , or Baryta carbonic man or woman Sepia, which of course is different from the woman Pulsatilla. So that future medicine will not only fit with the symptoms modalized computer but we have to check how far they fit the personality of the patient and also how many symptoms of the auxiliary cover. As you can see this item along with item 1 are the most important and difficult of all art. It is here where the therapist is key.

Step 5: Reinterrogatorio

It is almost necessary that we should reinterrogar the patient to ensure that the product that we think fits with the person truly does. Thus things that probably escaped from the questionnaire, or symptoms that were not entirely clear again bring them to light with the person to see how it fits with what we think is your medicine, the Simillimum.

Step 6: Diagnosing the energy level

Once at this point we can say we're done with the process that we have the medicine that the doctor could prescribe. However, it is very interesting to know that energy level is the person to provide the prescribed treatment as reactionary. Depending on the energy level we can expect certain reactions to the medication.

Step 7: Prescription

Now we can tell the person the medication can go shopping in the pharmacy. Depending on the level, the drug may be more or less diluted. Never give a child medication for the 30 CH. Typically in these cases is to the 200 CH. or more. Anything less than the 30 CH act locally and not delve into the mental aspect is one that most concerns us. Up to 30 CH only be achieved to alleviate the woes of people in a superficial way but never fulfill the law of Healing in Chronic Hering is our true goal. It is at those levels when clinical experiences reveal the true healing of all chronic thousands of patients.

When in doubt that there is no molecule of the solute in the solvent tell that from the 12 CH and 23 DH and there is absolutely nothing in the solvent. Therefore it is absurd to think that only can be given to the 30 CH. By contrast the more diluted the drug boosted this information will be more present in the solvent and with a greater ability to mobilize energy. In fact they say that from the 30 CH must be careful with what one is taken by the large response that can produce these drugs as experiences attest.

From the 200 CH is better to give a single dose and wait until it is effective. It is best to take the medicine with the art Plus to avoid unpleasant aggravations.

Who can benefit Unicist Homeopathy?
1 .- For any person who voluntarily want.

2 .- For patients with a medical history with many mental symptoms and natural medicine that we are unable to reach such deep levels. Even with the Biorrespiración.

3 .- For many patients without mental symptoms, have a lot of local and hierarchical symptoms over time. In these cases there is a very reactive vital energy that makes these people are very sensitive to homeopathy.

4 .- For those who note that despite following your health regimen, take your supplements, do your hydrotherapy, etc. no end to reach a state of normalcy, something always happens, and that non seniors. Homeopathy at these levels may be the key to open or awaken your vital energy and a true healing occurs.

5 .- For patients who are faithful to natural treatments and who for years following it and we want to give another complementary service if it is even possible for a better mental balance.

6 .- For people with low incomes. Homeopathy is the most readily available therapy as a single tube is below the 10 €.

7 .- Patients energy level 4. People throughout their lives have been few signs of any kind, and now are presented with a degenerative disease (level 4 power). Although it will be very difficult for the homeopathy can cure completely alone, one can always find pleasant surprises.

For such patients there is interesting information from Dr. AU Ramakrishnan (Indian) that explains his techniques in the treatment of cancer based on:

A. - the homeopathic medicine more akin to the damaged organ.

B. - the corresponding homeopathic nosode.

C. - plus the constitutional remedy or simillimum (all at 200CH).

He has had many successes where the disease has been first or second pathological levels. And only with homeopathy!

As shown by the discussion in this article, homeopathy unicist continues its struggle to improve their skills and help stimulate our vital energy healing. We know not limited to local requirements but their goals are much deeper.

Therefore, it is not intended to use this technique routinely in Nature Medicine as the facts show clearly that it is not necessary in most cases. Natural agents that are used have been and remain the foundations of our health and the engine that has returned to many of our patients the possibility that its vital energy re-awakening in the individual patient and get the balance so dear everyone.

However, in some cases, as described in the preceding paragraph, to the history of a technique so successfully and with the technical means available to us, it would be wise to consider whether the value their incorporation in Natural Medicine more seriously.


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*Automatic Translation