Unique and Natural Medicine Homeopathy

Within the broad spectrum of homeopathy with their different schools (single, plural, complex) there may be such confusion that sometimes this technique is rejected by the disorder that these schools have built, without realizing it, with different methods or techniques to prescribe the remedy, or by not knowing how far the technique itself when making a cure.
For many homeopaths as easy is to know the local symptom of the patient, which actually comes into the office, and prescribe one or more similar medications to help alleviate their ailments. Both patient and therapist were happy no more. No doubt sooner or later will return the same symptoms or new and the cycle will repeat. This way of treating people never come to what really wanted the founder of homeopathy.

Homeopathy and science Unicist
With the wonderful legacy of Hering's law of cure, the pathogenesis of so many substances in professional medical matters, the repertoire, as well as software, we have at our disposal instruments that allow us not only try to alleviate local symptoms point, but to get to the depth of cure even as chronic. Homeopathy Moreover uniqueness is making an effort, with its research, to try and achieve the almost impossible, to prove that the law of the similarities and homeopathic dilution falls within the scientific. Although some detractors, and some not so, compare what remains a highly diluted homeopathic medicines to something like the existence of the soul after death, that is something that is beyond the realm of science and therefore ininvestigable and therefore not tested, the only ones with their research are getting, as I said before, try that thanks to the characteristics of water as unlikely, the laws of thermodynamics (entropy) and resonance, not only the information of the dissolved substance remains but that with the passage of reinvigorating this information is power.