Veratrum - Homeopathic Remedies

Veratrum - Homeopathy

Main indications of Veratrum

  • Vomiting.
  • Cholerine.
  • Colic and diarrhea (especially in summer); pushing; dysentery.
  • Asiatic cholera.
  • Flicker caused by cough and whooping, whooping cough.
  • Oppression of chest. Asthma.
  • Seizure of the chest. Heart palpitations with fits of anxiety (also in organic diseases of the heart). Intermittent fever.
  • Mental illness. Madness (especially one that also occurs in the course of acute diseases, and as a result of violent fits of pain). Melancholy.
  • Trembling of the limbs, convulsions, cramps, paralysis, fainting.

General characteristics of Veratrum

Belching invincible, without leaving anything or sour or bitter taste, nausea unbearable at times to cause syncope, violent vomiting, nausea perennial prostration requiring the patient to lie down, cold hands and whole body shivering, vomiting of what has been eaten by little it was, or white mucus, green, pale yellow, sometimes bilious and blood, great sensitivity and burning in the stomach region or around the belly as if it had fire inside, colic flatulence with noise and commotion in the intestines, stomach ache as if knives inside, and always before the evacuation violent cramping belly pain before and after; Celico with deposition of a liquid like rice water, along with vomiting the same, great prostration, sunken face, cold extremities, dry tongue, cracked, heavy and awkward, expressionless voice hoarse, painful convulsions, especially in the legs and removal of the secretion of urine.

Cough caused by titillations in the bronchi with belching vomiting, dry cough, especially at night or afternoon, or hollow coughing, labored and difficult to expel phlegm, shortness of breath, often threatening to suffocate the patient, and as if clasp the chest and airways with a cord, shortness of breath at the slightest movement, even when the patient is sitting, tightness in chest, especially under the breastbone and after eating and drinking, forcing the patient to do belching; seizure and constrictive chest pain, palpitation raising strong ribs, accompanied by shortness of breath and fits of great distress.

Profile of cold followed by heat and sweat, with repeated intermediate cold sweat and cold chills during the violent thirst, nausea, weak pulse and great prostration in the intermediate free of fever, fever with cold and thirst, without alternating with heat but accompanied by looseness of the bowels, lack of strength, trembling and fainting state.

Indescribable anxiety, excessive fears and concerns of conscience, especially at night, or morning, every time you change position to get up, fear, courage timid, skittish and moody, thoughts of death, excessive irritability of temper regañador the slightest cause; fits of rage that erupts into invective, biting, efforts to escape, alternating with laughter, singing or whistling, religious mania or love.

Prostration and pain and grinding in all Member limb tremor with sudden movements, seizure, electric horn, with a feeling of numbness, tingling, cold, as if there is water in cold, especially in the feet, prostration as paralysis of the whole body tilt to fainting, the skin is withered, fresh, smooth.

General symptoms of Veratrum

Dolores as if the patient was bruised and battered, dog-tired or paralyzed, unable to withstand the heat of the bed to lessen the rise, and sometimes completely disappear when the patient walks, the conditions are preferably in the morning; pains, sudden and convulsive cramps in the limbs, general and very rapid decay of all forces, with cool pale skin, weak pulse, pale face, blue and sunken, with the most salient and pointed nose that usually, the edges of the eyes are blue, excessive sweating, dry mouth and throat very rapid and disproportionate collapse in various ailments, causing bouts of pain each time and for a short while, a great excitement of mind to delirium.

Dose of Veratrum

In chronic cases administer 1 drop or 3 globules every 24 to 48 hours, and the treble every 3 or 4 hours, until the threat of imminent death are given 1 to 2 drops in 1 to 1 1 / 2 hours.

As for diet, general regulations prevailing common in homeopathy, only the character and nature of diseases require different modifications: thus, for example, will be prohibited at all cold water in summer and colerinas diarrhea, where a single sip caused a deterioration of sensible evil, while on the other hand, certain manifestations of rapid collapse not only allow the use of wine and other strong drinks, and alcoholic exciting, but the demand imperiously.

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