What Iridology can not know?

What Iridology can not know?
What Iridology can not know?

• What kind of food that you swallow or eat. You'll see the trend of the individual nutritional especially if it is acidic.

• When the body was injured. You can tell that there was one injury or trauma, but not the date.

• The relationship between the degree of inflammation of the tissues and the specific name of the disease. Iridology can not diagnose diseases.

• The sex of the subject studied.

• Pregnancy. Pregnancy is not an impairment of health.

• The need for surgical intervention. To do this requires a thorough clinical study.

• The existence of a hemorrhage and its location. The bleeding is not an alteration of the tissue itself.

• The difference between symptoms. Iridology does not differentiate between symptoms.

• The existence of a disease by its name. Iridology does not name the disease. That we do.

• The presence of a tumor and its size. The iridologist can often observe the changes, which suffers a certain area for the body concerned, and susceptibility to illness by a body, but can not tell if this has manifested itself or not in the form of a tumor

• Surgical procedures that a person has had. Anesthesia inhibits and prevents nervous system is reflected in the iris. However, sometimes in the iris can see the formation of scar tissue, suggesting an operation.

• The presence of yeast infections.

• Hypertension, diabetes, etc. other studies of medical tests.

• The presence of heavy metals. You can tell a state toxemic but not exactly the pollutant that causes it.
• The presence of deposits such as gallstones or kidney. A stone or rock is not an alteration of tissue, only a statement of deposit. Would be needed to reach a cell face (homotoxicology).

• The number of organs in which a person born.

• Medications that a person you have taken before.

• The existence of viral diseases. Iridology does not see the virus.

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