What does a sick person?

Care for the sick

Here are some general tips that every sick person and their family should have to bear in mind this state.

Healthy nutrition and moderate.

The patient is not cured by eating more, on the contrary, the excess food depletes the body and deprived of vital energy it needs to heal before.

Fasting (physiological rest)

It is recommended to fast during the crisis and lead a detox diet based on fruits, vegetables and smoothies or shakes in chronic disease.

Rest and Sleep

The sick person which in itself is a tired person needs rest and sleep. Again, this will allow your energy to focus on returning the lost balance to the body.

Calma emotional and psychological

It is necessary that people who are sick about manifest calm, which is not to say it does not express emotions or feelings. During the illness, forget the TV to avoid being run down.

Rest sensory

The patient needs to be in a medium without noise, no voices and no bright lights, especially in some processes. Keep the sick room at a comfortable temperature.

Pure air

Whenever possible we recommend keeping bedroom windows open to the sick person. Of course, smoking is prohibited in front of the patient or in your room.

Pure water

To promote healing of the sick is vital water needs fresh food, fruits and vegetables and pure water from a spring with low mineralization.

Cleanliness and hygiene external

Is required to maintain personal hygiene, and recommends the shower with warm water or a little warm. If you can, it never hurts to finish the shower with a quick rub cold water and then cherish for warmth and stimulating blood circulation.

Clothes and sheets of natural fibers

Clothing that is in contact with the patient's body should be natural fiber (cotton, flax, etc..) Cotton sheets. To maintain body heat jackets or blankets of wool or other natural fabric.

Keeping the house nice

We must try to keep as clean and pleasant as possible the place where the sick. Some pretty flowers "help" take care.

Keep clearly in the room during the day

We maintain the clarity of daylight in the room unless you do not adversely affect, for example in the case of a migraine.

Sun in suitable conditions

The sun is one of the four elements of nature and health is essential to a proper amount.

Contact with the nature

A sick person needs from time to time be and hang outdoors.

Friendship and love

The patient needs to feel protected by the family environment and friends. Love is the best medicine.

Time to internalize

The disease is a good time to internalize and be with yourself without having to worry about our work, family, etc..

Need to be heard and will encourage

The ill person, physically or mentally, need someone to listen. Need someone to tell their problems, fears and anxieties.

Allowing the body to be expressed

That is, without suppressing drug and if necessary guided by someone skilled.

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