Why not studied Iridology in universities?

Iris right

If we were to respond directly to this question the answer would be: Iridology is in constant conflict with the doctrines, theories, methods and procedures of official medicine.

In WikBio've included a basic course for anyone interested Iridology can learn the basics of this exciting science. Yes, we say science.

A like for many psychology is not a science, but psychology as a science arises when found in man as an object of knowledge behavior, which may be observable, measurable and get to know objectively, as required scientific rigor, in Iridology something happens. Iridology iris found in living things (in this case humans) an object of knowledge, which may be observable and objectively measurable.

From this point of view, as studied psychology in university faculties, Iridology should also be studied. The problem lies in the conclusions arrived at by the study of Iridology and, as they contradict the conventional medicine.

Natural medicine has been used as a tool Iridology study of man. The findings of this study have led to natural medicine to treat disease by routes other than conventional medicine because Iridology has indicated that the causes are different.

Official medicine shows various diseases such evils that must be fought by chemical or surgical treatments. In most of these diseases is sought not necessarily a relationship between different parts of the body as the cause of the disease.

In conventional medicine many diseases are attributed to microbial pathogens that invade the body, not the organic field avails that infection.

In conventional medicine, is now, when you are starting to assess imbalances in human nutrition as a factor to be considered in the development of disease.

Someone might say that medical science with all its machinery known scientific studies and better human being Iridology. We will not discuss here the ability to analyze and official medical diagnosis in many cases, but we can not forget that there are many studies that show the many misdiagnoses that official medicine has on their backs and they were confirmed or discovered to perform autopsies.

The causes of disease

Natural medicine and iridology, with Hippocrates, Kneipp, Khune, Bernard Jensen, Vogel, etc.. tells us that are impurities, organic toxins (whether microbes, bacteria, toxins, drugs, etc..) and the lack of nutrients in the blood and tissues, the source of organic derangements, which is what leads to the disease.

Iridology us that bodies are the weakest and the strongest of the person studied, and the purity of their blood and tissues.

Iridology teaches more bodies devoid of vitamins, minerals, oxygen or blood flow. It indicates the strength of the vital energy that each organ of the body.

Iridology can not see germs, but it does tell us if the person's organic land is suitable for development of infections.

Iridology does not name their disease because the human being presents it as a whole. Iridology does not divide the disease in thousands of symptoms, rather presents the patient as a united both physically, mentally or emotionally, and the disease is a matter of hyperactivity or hypoactivity organic by poor genetics, poor nutrition or toxic burden inherited or acquired by lifestyle.

Therefore, Iridology completely contradicts official medicine in the search for causes of disease and, therefore, this is not acceptable by current medical science.

The treatments of diseases

If the cause of the disease is different depending Iridology and mainstream medicine, the treatments are different.

In natural medicine treatment is aimed at correcting imbalances Iridology points out. If the colon is the cause of the ailments of a hip, for instance, will correct the state of the colon, and not just treat hip pain with a chemical medically as official medicine would.

If the patient complains of arthritis and observed by staining Iridology Iris by the accumulation of organic acids, try to remove acids and alkalizing the body with appropriate nutrition. Official medicine give painkillers to ease the pain.

If the patient complains of constipation, Iridology help us find the cause. Maybe it is just a matter of bad eating habits, the iris may manifest intestinal atony or dilatation of the colon wall, or a lack of nervous energy. Treatment will adapt to the cause that we find in the iris, and of course we will try not only eradicate symptoms as you would conventional medicine. And so on.

Again this approach contradicts official medicine.

Monitoring treatment

Another contradiction between official medicine and Iridology is the way of keeping track of the treatments. When a person is applying a treatment based on natural medicine and looking for the causes of ailments in Iridology, and treatment is correct, we will be able to observe changes in the iris of the person.

The iris is a perfect "sneak" we indicate whether the person progressing well or not. If treatment is natural, and has taken into account what iris shows us, then we will see how the iris improves as the person implements treatment.

Never see improve an iris with chemical drugs, antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, analgesics, etc., Etc. The reason we have already stated, the official medicine is wrong in the concept of disease and therefore the iris rather than reflect the positive changes reflected the worsening by the use of pharmaceutical drugs through the years. Official medicine treatments worsens their iris signs of patients over time, because intoxicated, and mutilates the body weakens.

However, when we do the right natural treatment, the iris is clarified, the fibers of the fabric representing organs are strengthened, healing lines appear, close gaps, arcus is deleted, it lightens the crust ring , sunlight fade, clears the lymphatic rosary, etc., etc.

How are you going to study at a university when Iridology reveals glaring errors so!


Not so much a question of who is or is not right, Iridology, natural medicine, conventional medicine, etc. Each medicine has its place in this complex society.

But there is one detail we left for last. We said before that official medicine chemistry with his arsenal of equipment and drugs are wrong on numerous occasions in diagnosis and treatment.

In natural medicine, of course, that the naturopath or health care professional can make mistakes in their treatment or test iris iridology but never wrong. The iris reflects perfectly the health of the person. It gives us a lot more about us than we are now able to interpret.

Any machinery manmade diagnosis can err, man iridologist medical or can be wrong, but when we study the anatomy and physiology of the iris and see how it works come to a conclusion: God makes no mistakes.

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