Will you stop smoking? Free yourself from the chains that affect your life

The dangers of snuff

I could never understand why people smoke or start to do so. As you do, your life goes into a spiral of despair, pain and death.

I will not write paragraphs of snuff, and other sermons. I do not intend them to see how bad it is snuff, because I know very well.

I will try to help them take that step towards a new world that awaits them with open arms.

Given the state of today's global economy everyone is trying to save what you can, because life is more expensive every day. Have you ever calculated how much they spend on snuff? A seemingly silly question but what if we do it? There is a formula that lets us know the amount of money we spend daily, monthly, yearly ...

Calculate your own that. I assure you it is a waste of time. I'll help with an example:

"I smoke cigarettes a day 20 * X 30 days in a month = 600 * cigarettes a month.
That amount was divided by 20 and gives me 30 * packs a month, multiplied by 4 a pack worth € me € 120 * per month. If you multiply that by 12 months of the year has given me: € 1440 * per year spent on snuff! "

* Data variable.

Do you still think it's silly to have done?, What would with 1440 €?, Will they pay debts that have suffocated?, Do go away?, Do you keep for future complications?, Why your son / daughter? ...

Smoking is very expensive, you have proven.

Plan to quit smoking

Are we beginning to make a plan to stop smoking? Yes.
Follow these easy steps and you'll see:

1. Create a list of reasons that make you want to quit smoking. Take this list with you always. If you come up with more reasons and / or you feel like smoking, and check.

2. Get a date to quit smoking. Grab a calendar and mark well that day, go mentalizándote. From that day your life will be better, live longer and better! Try to choose the date does not coincide with a time of stress, work, concern ... Many people get here, why? they say that your life is hectic, there's never a moment of relaxation, it's always stress, anxiety, hurry ... If your life is so not important. You can do likewise. It is not an impediment. Any day you choose and you really want to quit smoking is great, even better.

3. Know your smoking habit. Points on paper the number of cigarettes they smoke per day, when you turn each cigarette and the degree of pleasure that gives smoked (0 to 5), with 0 being the lowest and 5 the pleasure maximum pleasure. Several times a day cigarette smokers who do not even want, just out of boredom or acts of repetition. We avoid taking this simple step.

4. Now, get ready to quit!

a. Do you remember the point 1? Review those reasons to quit smoking.
b. Search company of people who also want to quit.
c. Do not consume the whole cigarette. Turn it off in half!
d. Do not smoke in public, you will replanteártelo.
e. Delay the first cigarette of everything you can.
f. Change hand smoke.
5. One day before ...

a. Return to review the list you made in point 1.
b. As appropriate, rely on family, friends, coworkers.
c. Avoid temptations. Fumat the last if you want but then remove everything related to the snuff.
d. If you already tried another time think about what you served and what not.
6. The day came.

a. When you wake up thinking about the short-term goal: "Today I do not smoke."
b. Respects this decision, at least today.
c. Start the day doing deep breathing exercises. Then take a walk or do some exercise, download your anxiety.
d. Drink plenty of water (1.5 - 2 liters) and breakfast fruits and juices.

At this point, I must congratulate you for the great progress you have made.

"Everyone who wants to achieve a purpose, ended up getting"

Even with these steps, you can still make it easier if you snuff cessation of temptations to smoke:

  • Relax, breathe deeply and slowly. I recommend using CD "Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training." It's wonderful!
  • Drink water and juices.
  • Relive a special event and relevant in your life (births, landscapes ...).
  • Remember your reasons for quitting.
  • Positive reinforcement is important to the target. Tell yourself, if you want the mirror, "I'm making progress," "I'll get it."
  • When you feel like smoking a lot of looks at his watch and wait 30 seconds. As the urge will go and come.
  • Chew sugarless gum or eat fruits or other foods low in calories. Remember that anxiety gives impetus to eat even more. If you take something like a cigarette in his mouth, eat carrots for example. So do not get fat!
  • Remember not to eat fried foods or sweets. Take fruits and vegetables.
  • Think you can get, would not have done more difficult things in life? Do not you win the cigarette before your mind. The mind is a powerful force. If we want, we can!
  • Every day that passes, the cravings will diminish.
  • Distraction is a very strong. Turn away the thoughts of smoking.
  • If you feel the need for a cigarette, grab a pen or something similar.
  • Do not drink coffee or alcohol, excite you more.
  • Store in a piggy bank that typically spend a day in snuff. When you stop smoking take that piggy bank full of money and ... treat yourself!, You deserve it.
  • Aim proud t / it / your achievements in the calendar.
  • Avoid smoking environments, only tempt you and turn away your goal: to stop smoking.
  • Interestingly, even though you know that your near quitting, usually offer snuff. I'll never understand why. Proudly say "no thanks, I'm leaving, do not smoke."
  • Remember the benefits of not smoking. They know how beneficial it is for your health.
  • Finally finished with the subject intentionally then enter:

Phytotherapy in the cessation of snuff

Certain plants are used in the process of quitting. Control their anxiety, insomnia, headaches, irritability, nausea and other symptoms that usually appear on the withdrawal. Then I name some plants that will help you improve your overall:

  • Valeriana officinalis. We owe their sedative properties that help alleviate the irritability and insomnia withdrawal syndrome occurs.
  • Matricaria chamomilla. Antiemetic properties are legendary.
  • Glycyrrhyza glabra. In slang, it's licorice. This replaces the habit of taking you for a cigarette to his mouth. In addition, detoxify your body of snuff.
  • Daucus carota or carrot. As mentioned above reduces the urge to smoke.
  • Helianthus annuus, or sunflower. Take raw seeds compulsive need to stop smoking.
  • Acorus calamus. It is interesting to use snuff for the rejection of it makes the smoke itself was distasteful.
  • Or apple Malus domestica. Ditto the Acorus calamus.

Do not hesitate to consult a homeopath on smoking cessation treatments.

It should be emphasized that relapse is not a failure. It is part of the process of smoking. Something is not done quite right, but does not imply that we did everything wrong. If this is your case. Starts again when you're ready / a. This time I get.

"Do not throw in the towel, you can get, you know. Just put it. "

Signed. Godino Rafael Vazquez.
University Diploma in Nursing.

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