Yolanda Santiuste Blazquez

Yolanda Santiuste BLÁZQUEZ

Madrid: yoli@lineaalba.com


· Degree in Biological Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid.

· Diploma in Naturopathy at the Training School for Therapists in Natural Medicine Hippocrates, Madrid.

· Graduate Regenerative Therapy Expert on the Garbi Physiotherapy University of Girona.

· Seminar recycling Regenerative Therapy: Evolutionary Medicine, University of Girona Garbí Physiotherapy.

· Course on Nutrition as medicine "Anti-Stress Food," for natural medicine clinic in psychoneuroimmunology Regenerate, Girona.

Culture · Diploma in the School of Biological Sciences for Health, Alicante.

Currently studying 2nd · Traditional Chinese Medicine (total 3 years) in school Neijing of Pozoamargo, Cuenca

· Master in Environmental Management for Ecological Research Institute, University of Malaga.


- Free time supervisor. Entertainment at the School of Leisure GRAMA. Year 1991.

- Earth First Aid. Madrileño Alpine Club. Recognized by Red Cross. 1995.150

- Leisure Coordinator. ADOBE Leisure School. 95-96.440

- Sports Technique in Montana. 148 Mountain Federation of Madrid

- Judge - Referee Mountain Racing. Montaña.Benasque High School Spanish.

2009-1999. Trainer of Therapists Shiatsu: Shiatsu Japanese School, School Ren Tao. Currently Tai Ling School, School Wutan Alcalá.

- Training applied: Human Anatomy and Physiology, applied natural sciences, regenerative therapies.

2009-2005. Trainer Seminars related therapeutics:

School Ren Tao, Ling Tai, Wutan Alcalá.

- The power and emotion.

- Food purifying.

- Food as anti-stress treatment.

- The blood and energy flow.

- Endocrine system and stress tolerance. Capacity or cure illness.

- Macro and micronutrient combination for our health.

- Food and regenerative therapy.

2009-1991. Seminars and case erector for health:

Various councils of the community of Madrid, Madrid Federation of Montana, School of Adobe Leisure, Leisure EMAR School, School of Leisure Mast

- Healthy Habits in the Outdoors.

- Food in Montana.

- Nutrition and health basis.

- Nutrition applied to sport.

- Mountain Safety.

- First aid naturists.

2009-2006. Advisory and consulting therapist.

- Feeding advice forums ultradistance sports information.

- Advising feeding promotion program as sports development Nonconventional healthy habits, the Council of Youth in Valdemoro.

2009-2007. Personalized Search.

Herbalist Herbovida, athletics club Villaviciosa de Odon, Tai Ling clinic.

2008-1991. Alternative Program Coordinator of Leisure and Leisure and Drug Addiction Prevention Programs and Implementation of sport as healthy habits.

Intervention Programs and Social Integration in teens and young adults. Councils: Villaconejos, Villanueva del Pardillo, Moralzarzal.

2007-1995. Coordinator Training Courses Monitors & Leisure Coordinators.

Adobe School of Leisure School of Leisure in the Community of Madrid, Department of Youth of Coslada, Rivasvaciamadrid.

2008-1989. Monitor Social Intervention programs.

Councils of the Community of Madrid, Department of Youth and private companies.

2006-1995. Associate Active Leisure School of Adobe.

Perform different functions: coordination of courses, school teaching staff, internal training partners.

2006-1998. Director of Leisure School of Adobe

- Article published "Feed your good spirits" in the journal "Psychology practice. June 2009.

- Illustrator of "Environmental Education for Youth Associations - Miraguano Editions. Madrid-2002. ISBN: 84-7813-242-2

- Y. Santiuste and E. Villalobos. "Games in the Natural Environment" - Ed Stack Telena. Madrid, 1999. ISBN: 84/95353/77/6.

Sports Scope:
- Development of sports activities like mountain climbing and athletics, having been in regional competitions, national and international: autonomic Champion, 2 times champion of Spain and runner-up 4 and 5th in the International Championship, a trophy Kima.
- Referee of mountain races.
- Selection of the selection of Madrid mountain races.

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