Zincum - Homeopathic Remedies

Zincum metallicum - Homeopathy

Major indications for Zincum

  • Convulsive shudder to sleep and during sleep.
  • Weakness and temblorosidad members. Convulsions and cramps (also St. Vitus' dance).
  • General paralysis (of a certain side or isolated muscle groups).
  • Paralysis of the eyelids, rheumatic pain.
  • Writers cramp. Seizure of the hand as a result of writing.
  • Brain swelling. Brain dropsy. Cerebral palsy (also because of rash and scarlet head, violently suppressed).

General Characteristics of Zincum

Daytime sleepiness, especially in the morning and after eating, with inclination to yawn, and restless sleep, not restored, with restless dreams, romantic and bizarre; convulsive shudder during sleep, with frequent terrors, great, weakness, heaviness and fatigue and trembling, especially when walking and in the morning on waking; large tremors throughout the body, and especially after any excitement of the soul, seizures short, limited, sudden, but visible in different parts of a muscle, pain constrictive and tingling in the extremities, paralysis on one side and isolated muscle or members; general insensitivity of the whole body, feeling of cold in the bones; tirazones rheumatic members, who overheated worse after each treatment or body movement; paralysis of the hands, numb hands and as dead; prolapse and inability to move the upper eyelids.

Dizziness especially on the inside of the back of the head, stunning persistent ringing in the ears, great forgetfulness and clumsiness of understanding, throbbing headaches, braces, particularly in the front and back of the head, and that worse after dinner, morning in the room or after drinking wine, weight and sensitivity below the front and at the root of the nose are lost senses, and clouds obscured the view, lethargy or apathy status complete.

General symptoms of Zincum

Hypochondriac genius and temper, moody, with little desire to talk, at the same time the conversation of others uncomfortable as well as any other noise the patient, which has gloomy thoughts of death, especially towards evening, pounding heart throughout the body, constipation painful in the chest thumping blows to the heart intermittently and shortness of breath, many diseases are manifested after the meal and into the night, and worse from motion, heat and drinking wine.

Dose of Zincum

What fits on the tip of a knife of the 3rd crushing, in a spoon of tea, full of water every 2 to 4 hours in cases of danger of death every 2 or 3 days in chronic ailments. Diet as in the Mercury.

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