Abies, Abropernol, Abrotanum, Abisinthium, Acalypha indicated. Homeopathy

Gastralgias postprandial. Anorexia in the mornings. Sleepiness during the day, insomnia at night.

Chilblains, intertrigo (rubbing of two surfaces), eczema, exudative erythema multiforme and nodosum (red spots), hyperhidrosis, hyperkeratosis (calluses on skin).

Thinning, especially in the legs, despite having good appetite. Dark circles. Nodes (glands hilar, mesenteric lymph glands). Exudative diathesis. Chilblains. Hemangiomas (benign tumor of blood vessels).

Gastritis, heartburn (heartburn), bloating. Epileptiform crisis. Nervous irritability.

Acalypha indicates
Debilitating dry, irritating cough, hemoptysis (spitting of blood).

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