Abrotanum, Absinthium, Acidum: aceticum, acetylosalicylicum, alpha-ketoglutaricum, alpha-liponicum. Homeopathy

Abrotanum (abrotano) glandular swelling. Scrofulous. Thinning despite a good appetite. Itching chilblains. Exudative diathesis. Absinthium (wormwood) Gastritis. Heartburn. Bloat. Nervous irritability. Acetic acid (acetic acid) Marasmus in acute diseases. Edematous swelling. Diabetes Mellitus. Intense thirst. Hyperacidity. Severe anemia with diarrhea. Waxy. Profuse sweating. Acidum acetylosalicylicum (acetylsalicylic CIDA) Give Retox. Injuries to the tissue. Nephrosis. Miocardosis. Sleep disorders. Ketoglutaricum Acidum alpha-(alpha-ketoglutaric acid) active factor of citric acid cycle and of redox systems. Dermatosis. Sense of exhaustion. Acidum alpha-liponicum (tioctanico acid) Coenzyme for the decomposition of pyruvic acid on Homeopathy For more information visit: Index of Materia Medica Homeopathy

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