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Treatments and Remedies for an Abscess
Definition of Abscess

Localized collection of pus in an organic cavity noviformada. An abscess is the term used for microbial inflammation of tissue in which it sits.

Classification of abscesses
Abscesses are classified according to several criteria:
By location
- Superficial abscesses
- Subcutaneous abscesses
- Supraaponeurotic abscesses when they are above the fascia lining the muscular masses.
- Deep abscesses when they are below the fascia.
- Abscesses of the internal organs (kidney, liver, brain, etc.).
- Abscesses of adipose tissue located around the internal organs.

By the nature of the pus

- Hot abscesses.
- Cold abscesses.
- Chemical or aseptic abscess (fixation abscess)

Symptoms of abscesses

The classic symptoms are inflammation, namely:
- Redness, swelling and heat, produced by the local blood congestion.
- Pain: This is produced by local nerve compression.
- Functional impotence, the inability to use the inflamed region in its usual role, probably due to congestion.

In addition there may be symptoms associated with local infection such as fever, headache, vague feeling of malaise, discomfort.

When the abscess begins to mature, the fever or local swelling goes down and becomes soft and fluctuant on palpation.

Natural medicine for the abscess with Hydrotherapy: Hot compress of hay or fenugreek applied for ½ an hour or 1 hour, 5 to10 times a day. Using a honey poultice especially helps.

Natural medicine for the abscess with Homotoxicology - Homeopathy. Traumeel (GCAP), Belladonna Homaccord (ga), Echinacea comp. forte (a)
(see discharge)

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