Absinthium (wormwood, artemisia). Homeopathy

ABSINTHIUM (Wormwood, Artemisia, Artemisia)
1 - He forgets what has happened recently. This as stupefied, confused.
2 - () Insane, brutal, cruel stupor alternating with dangerous violence. Fear of killing.
3 - terrifying visions and hallucinations he sees demons, grotesque animals, cats, rats of all colors. He thinks he is pursued by enemies and soldiers.
4 - () kleptomania.
5 - nervousness, excitement and insomnia in children.
6 - Do not want anything to anyone.
7 - () intermittent seizures, preceded by tremors, grimacing, biting of tongue mouth foams, sometimes to fall, unconsciousness, stupidity and memory loss after the attacks. Epilepsy. Opisthotonos with gnashing of teeth. Korea. Hysterical seizures.
8 - () Tremors: it is a sign marking (tongue, heart, etc.)..
9 - () Vertigo on rising, with tendency to fall backward. Want to be lying with his head down.
10 - Mydriasis with anisocoria. Conjunctiva injected. Eyelids heavy.
11 - () facial cyanosis. Spasmodic jerking of the face. Clenched jaw. Cara de loco.
12 - () Stick out your tongue, shivering, and feels as if paralyzed, swollen and very large, it bites into the seizure. Scalding sensation in the throat.
13 - () No appetite, nausea. Stomach feels cold. Belching. Swollen belly, much flatulence, colic.
14 - () Constant desire to urinate. Orange-colored urine strong odor of horse urine.
15 - Pain in right ovary. Early menopause.
16 - tumultuous and irregular heart activity, which is heard in the back. Heavy feeling in the chest; oppression.
17 - Cold feet. Pain in the limbs, paralysis.