Achyranthes Calea. Homeopathy

Achyranthes CALEA (herb fever or sunstroke de Puebla (Mexico))
Pathogenesis made by Mr. M. of Legarreta, from Mexico (1911).
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Achyranthes CALEA
1 - () I want to be alone, in a state of calm, answering in monosyllables, or else the light bothers you, you need light but do not want to be alone, but not speak. Apathy and indifference to his surroundings.
2 - () Depressed, with discomfort, remorse and religious prejudice. Want to have a conscience, pleading for forgiveness, and tends to autodisculpar their mistakes. He is afraid to suffer.
3 - () Torpor, with a sudden jolt out of sleep with a sudden return to stupor. Tiredness mental strain.
4 children with nightmares and wake up in panic attack.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Achyranthes CALEA
5 Worst: motion; by cold, by moisture. Better: rest and calm; by strong pressure. Sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure. Left sided.
5 - () to dryness and burning of skin and nzucosas.
6 large muscles pains. Fatigue in need of rest.
Desire and aversion of Achyranthes CALEA
7 Aversion to solid foods.
8 - () failure Intense frontal headache, worse on touch, head pressing or better poniedose heavy pillow over his head. Pounding in the temporal arteries. Strange noises in the head.
9 - () Bright Eyes, with photophobia. Very bloodshot eyes, with sensation of having sand, burning and tearing, yellow and sticky secretion, sore eyes, better pressure with the fingers. Eyelid hot, heavy, fallen.
10 Itching, heat and dryness in the ear canal. Ear bright red and tense. Can not bear noises.
11 - () dry nose, blocked and painful. Blackish nasal secretion. Epistaxis on blowing from the left side.
12 Face red and swollen, as if it had long been exposed to the sun.
13 - () Mouth hot and dry, with thirst for cold water, which seems to have bad taste.
Tongue dry and burning. Canker. Open mouth pains in the masseter and zygomatic.
14 - () Throat dry and burning; needed to moisten then swallow.
Pricking in the throat after a cold drink.
15 gastric fullness, with indifference to food. Epigastric pain from cold.
16 Do not have the urge to defecate.
17 - () Pollakiuria with actions short of clear and hot urine, on standing, takes a reddish tinge. Urinary urgency with burning urethra.
r 18 flaccid penis hot. Scrotum congested, with prominent veins.
Lack of sexual desire, worse by cold, incomplete erections, ejaculations with rare. Burning urethra after ejaculation.
19 - () dryness and irritation. Sometimes the best during menstruation.
20 - () Hoarseness with difficulty speaking, in cold weather. Tightness in the chest, with need to breathe deeply and repeatedly. Dyspnoea, with shortness of breath, noisy and fast. Catarrhal cough. Presternal chest pains. Pain in pectoral and intercostal muscles. Tender to touch.
Chest pain 21. Regular heartbeat and slow, with slow pulse full and strong.
22 Sharp pain in back and neck. Cold sweats in the back. Sensations of pain and heaviness in the back and lumbar.
23 - () feet and hands burning, and sometimes sweating.
24 - () congestive States Aconitum acute febrile type, "but with less agitation, more and more muscle aches, prostration (Voisin), with torpor and indifference to his environment. Fever between 38th and 40th, after looking on the outside temperature changes, the sensation of heat is increased at rest,
but still needs to be well covered, but is smothered with the heat. Typhoid and paratyphoid. Scarlet fever. Measles. Rubella. Septicemia.
25 - () Skin dry and hot, with sensation of goose bumps when moving.
Burning and redness of the skin.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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