Acid: Acetic, Benzoic, boricum, carbolicum, fluorine, formicicum. Homeopathy

Acetic acid
Edematous swelling with cereal and pale skin. Intense thirst. Increased amount of light-colored urine (polyuria).

Benzoic acid
URICA diathesis, gout, polyarthritis. Strong smell of urine, like horse (ammonia). Ganglia in the wrist joint, tenosynovitis.

Acidum boricum
Aphthous stomatitis.

Acidum carbolicum
Septic and gangrenous with smelly discharge. Gastric and duodenal ulcers. Dyspepsia. Hyperemesis gravidarum (vomiting of pregnancy), malodorous vaginal discharge. Ragades (linear ulcerations in the skin), pressure sores, eczema. Paresthesia (altered sensation). Neuralgia.

Acidum fluor
Subchronic and chronic diseases. Eczema, pruritus, varicosities. Crural ulcer. Escieroadenitis (carcinoma of connective tissue?). Tooth decay and bone. Glandular hardening.

Acidum formicicum
Stimulation in asthma, rheumatism, neuralgia, as well as in all phases phones.

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