Acidum formicum, fumaricum hydrochloricum, nitricum oroticum, phos. Homeopathy

Formicicum acid (formic acid)
Cell stimulation factor Retox phases. Retox myocardial lesions. Red, itchy and burning. Urticaria. General stimulant medication.

Fumaricum acid (fumaric acid)
Active factor of citric acid cycle and of redox systems. Dermatosis. States of weakness.

Hydrochloricum acid (hydrochloric acid)
Chronic gastroenteritis. Dyspepsia. Hemorrhoids very sensiblea the contact.

Nit acid (nitric acid)
Intertrigo. Ragades (especially in bodily orifices). Warts. Osteoarthritis, chilblains. Secretions offensive. Dyscrasia. Eczema. Dermatosis. Nefriotis cronica. Leucorrhoea ammonia. Incotinencia urine. Action on the mucous membranes and skin, especially at points of transition between them (mouth, nose, urethra, vulva, anus). Erucciones skin, especially on the forehead along the hairline. Chronic nephritis. Uterine bleeding. Metrorrhagia. Anal fissure pain in defecation. Hemorrhoids.

Oroticum acid (orotic acid)
Liver injury.

Phosphoricum Acidum (Phosphoric Acid)
Consequences of prejudice and mental work. Exhaustion. States of weakness. Diabetes mellitus with thirst. Alopecia. Decreased memory. Debilitating sweats. Thinning. Sour vomiting.

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