Acidum: Hydrocyanic, Lacticum, mur nitricum oxalicum. Homeopathy

Hydrocyanic acid
Fast-acting anti-spasmodic drug. In case of breakdowns with hypothermia, imperceptible pulse, precordial anxiety. Frenospasmos spasms and swallowing. Spasmodic asthmatic cough.

Acidum Lacticum
Diabetes mellitus. Gastritis. Sweaty feet (no bad smell).

Muriaticum Acidum
Canker sores, eczema, dyspepsia, chronic gastroenteritis.

Acidum nit
Acts upon the mucous membranes and skin, especially at points of transition between skin and mucous membranes (mouth, nose, urethra, vulva and anus). Skin rashes on the forehead along the hairline. Dolores as if he had chipped a bone. Malodorous perspiration. Hemorrhagic diathesis. Chronic nephritis.

Acidum oxalicum
Paroxysmal neuralgia in certain areas. Paresthesias. Paresis of the leg. Hyperoxaluria. Hyperemesis.

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