Acidum: picrinicum, sarcolacticum, Silicicum, sulfuricum. Homeopathy

Acidum picrinicum (picric acid)
Weakness ACCOMPANIED of sacralgias, back pain, myalgia and arthralgia.
Neurasthenia. Migraines.

Sarcolacticum acid (lactic acyl)
Regulation of acid-base balance in the tissue and myocardium.

Acidum Silicicum (silicic acid)
Constitutional weakness of connective tissue. Weakness of the ligaments. Acute and chronic suppuration. Lymphatism.

Acidum Silicicum colloidal (colloidal silicon acid)
Rachitic children, dystrophic, exudative and scrofulous. Lymphatism.

Sulfuricum acid (sulfuric acid)
Chronic gastritis. Diabetes. Catarrhal inflammation of mucous membranes with hemorrhagic tendency.

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